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Leah Croucher was a missing young person who was most recently seen on CCTV down Buzzacott Path in Furzton strolling to work in Milton Keynes on the morning of February 15, 2019 preceding she ‘really disappeared like a phantom’. She didn’t show up at her working environment and her folks Claire and John revealed her missing after she neglected to get back.

Criminal investigators have fixed off house in Furzton, Milton Keynes – simply close to Furzton Lakes where Leah was most recently seen as she strolled to work.


The keep going movement on her telephone was soon after 8.30am that day.

Leah Croucher Age At The Hour Of Missing Additionally, Leah Croucher 19 years of age at the hour of her vanishing, was accounted for missing from Emerson Valley, Milton Keynes by her family on fifteenth February 2019. They last saw her at 10pm the other day, 14 February, St Valentine’s Day. Envisioned: The latest locating of Leah on February 15.

Leah Croucher Brother Demise Leah had kin also. Her brother Haydon 24, with whom she was exceptionally close. He was found hanged at his home on November 14, 2019, nine months after she vanished, and died in clinic two days after the fact. An investigation later heard he battled to adapt after his sister’s vanishing.

Haydon Croucher was found hanging in his level in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, nine months after Leah vanished. He was hurried to emergency clinic where he died two days after the fact.

Leah Croucher Family Leah Croucher’s mom name is Claire and father named, John Croucher. Since evaporating, Leah’s frenzied guardians and senior sister Jade have given their best for keep her in the public eye while additionally expanding the mission to find her. Sadly, nine months after she disappeared, Leah’s brother Hayden Croucher, 24, was found by his mom and sister Jade hanged at his level and later died in clinic – handling the family a further blow. An investigation heard he battled to adapt following her vanishing.

Leah’s mom recently said her vanishing had ‘annihilated’ their family, adding that assuming she had been snatched or killed they would consider the offender liable for Haydon’s demise too.

‘He clearly, as everyone knows, he was unable to adapt, he thought that it is undeniably challenging,’ she said.

Leah’s family is being stayed up with the latest on what’s going on with the examination. We are asking general society and media to not discuss the case until more is known.

In February, Leah’s family gave a close to home proclamation to mark the third commemoration of her vanishing.

Leah’s family said every day ‘feels like an unending length of time of agony and misery’, however said they stayed confident she would one day be found.

‘Harder every day to let ourselves know today will be the day that we find solutions, today we figure out what happened quite a while back,’ her folks John and Claire Croucher said.

‘It is unfathomable to persuade ourselves that this isn’t obviously false we tell ourselves so we get up every day. Every day is torment.

‘Stressing the entire single day is incomprehensible not. Rest feels a tricky person every evening, waking every morning we never feel refreshed and invigorated.

‘Each time the telephone rings or there is a thump at the front entryway, our hearts actually jump in our chests.

‘That recognizable flood of trust jumping up in our throats. That recognizable rush of sadness that accidents over our very spirits each time.

‘It isn’t the police or Leah herself thumping at the entryway or approaching the telephone.

‘Once more, we request the public’s assistance. You have all been so superb up to this point, actually assisting us with looking through each face in the roads to check whether they are Leah, actually sharing via web-based entertainment, actually revealing potential sightings to the police.’