Leaked CCTV Footage Of 7 Boys Allegedly Sent By Naira Marley To Bella Shmurda’s House For Defending Mohbad

CCTV film purportedly shows 7 young men sent by Naira Marley to Bella Shmurda’s home to protect Mohbad has surfaced on the web.

A gathering of young men associated with working for Nigerian rapper Naira Marley attacked a property in London answered to have a place with vocalist Bella Shmurda.


The CCTV film, which was unveiled on Saturday, portrays seven guys in a Peckham, London, loft.

The blog guaranteed that Bella Shmurda was focused on by Naira Marley since he safeguarded Mohbad during the administration adventure half a month back.

Luckily for the Money Application artist, he wasn’t there when the men broke into the house.

It was additionally said that Naira Marley wouldn’t sign the letter of agreement abrogation that Mohbad’s lawyers gave him.

It peruses “I believe it’s about time the Power investigates this matter, make them kuku pack every one of them , in light of the fact that this is going crazy, utilizing young men to hawk medications nevertheless compromising them with cultist is out of it, so presently in light of the fact that Bella shmurda upheld Mohbad recently, Naira sent him peckham canines to am the point at which he went to London, them for wear drop the person na just God say make him no dey house. Naira should be halted obviously I no expect less all him godpapa dey for am, na them dey control naija,the kid send end letter to am since he will not sign.”

Mohbad shouted out subsequent to being confessed to the medical clinic few weeks prior, blaming Naira for delivering his young men to manage him exclusively in light of the fact that he mentioned a difference in director.

Bella chastised Naira Marley for his treatment of the circumstance, taking note of that he is supposed to cause Mohbad to feel like an individual from the family, not a foe.

Taking to Twitter, he stated; “Ni**a lost all the regard. Looking so disrupted, Name supervisor covering like capri-sun. Is it workable for him to be high each time his harassed and attempts to shout out. huh? Soro soke werey parlor canine.”

“A mark should be your family not your foe… The world is watching, that kid was doing exceptionally fine without u damn!!!”