“Leave Our Sister Alone” – Family Raises Alarm Over Actor Halima Abubakar’s Deteriorating Health

The family of Nigerian actress Halima Abubakar has blamed Apostle Johnson Suleman, the organizer behind Omega Fire Ministries International, for the deteriorating health of their daughter.

It was discovered that the pastor had an affair with each of the Nollywood actresses on the list that surfaced online a couple of months ago, including Halima Abubakar.


Halima Abubakar originally denied being part of the controversy, however she later acknowledged it in a progression of Instagram posts when the pastor told her he was separated and had three kids. She stated, “I f*ck up yes. I own my mistakes. In any case, I won’t lie anymore. N*gg* said he was separated.

I didn’t meet a married man. I met a bizman with three children. Long story, stay away from liars.”

After returning to Instagram after seven days long absence, the actress recorded many complaints against Joshua Suleman and her colleague Shan George.

She charged George with collaborating with Suleman to conceal writes and portray her as a liar. The actress has been confined to bed from that point forward.

In a message on Abubakar’s Instagram account, the family individuals asked the minister to avoid her.

In case Suleman experienced any harm, they further threatened to reveal her.

“Johnson Suleman imodu. In the event that anything happen to our sister, you going down,” the family composed.

Halima’s mother also made fruitless attempts to reach out to the cleric. She said that the cleric had threatened to murder her daughter on the off chance that he didn’t retract his remarks.

At the point when Halima Abubakar of Nigeria won the Afro Hollywood Best Actress prize in 2011, she shot to fame.