“Leave us Egyptians alone”: Malu Trevejo N-word controversy explained as netizens troll singer for DNA test

Virtual entertainment powerhouse Malu Trevejo is confronting kickback indeed for utilizing words that are offensive towards the POC.

The Cuban-born vocalist has recently been under comparative discussion for her remarks against the Chinese public following the flood in Coronavirus cases. Her discussion started after she was seen mouthing the N word while lip-matching up to a tune. She has begun to legitimize her utilization of the word by acquiring her legacy and identity.


Trevejo has been supporting her utilization of the questionable word that is guaranteed by individuals of color by saying that, since she is 20% Egyptian, she has the freedom to involve the word however she sees fit. This infuriated a portion of her supporters and other netizens who took to the remarks segment of her recordings on TikTok.

One TikToker, Sandra, remarked on the vocalist’s video, in which she professes to be part Egyptian, and asked that the force to be reckoned with avoid them with regard to this debate. The remark read:

Malu Trevejo was seen utilizing the N-word on a few events while lip-matching up to a tune on her virtual entertainment accounts. While the post has since been erased, the Twitterverse has shared recordings and screen accounts of something similar, and is endeavoring to drop the artist for being bigoted and utilizing the word in spite of not being dark.

For setting, the N-word is an ethnic slur that was utilized to allude to dark slaves during their subjugation. Since freedom, the African American population has recovered the word and is presently involving it as a term of brotherhood. While this doesn’t make sense of the total legacy and significance of the word, it is perceived that the word is untouchable in nature for anybody other than Individuals of color.

A few white and non-dark forces to be reckoned with have been found utilizing the word, causing them a deep sense of repulsion, and Malu Trevejo is one of them. The TikToker was seen utilizing the word while she was singing. She continued to legitimize the utilization by posting a picture of her DNA test, which shows she is just around 5% West African.

She even expressed that she was more dark than she was Latina, which is misleading in view of the picture displayed previously.

Netizens have taken to virtual entertainment to savage her for the Cuban vocalist utilization of the word and for social allocation as she is seen wearing interlaces.

The debate go on as Malu Trevejo stands firm on the possibility that she can utilize the word openly, while the remainder of the TikTok universe keeps on deterring her from doing as such.