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Lee Boyd Malvo is a sentenced killer. He is liable for the 2002 murdering binge in Washington DC that misled a sum of 13 individuals. The chronic executioner had his new Docu-Series “I, Sniper” delivered on Vice TV on May 7, 2021.

Preceding this, numerous new things are uncovered about his life and sexuality. This is what we think about him. Lee Boyd Malvo had associations with numerous ladies and surprisingly wedded a lady.

In any case, he has bragged about his relationship with his wrongdoing accomplice John Allen Muhammad. In his new narrative, he clarified how he and Muhammad occupied with sexual action in the wake of killing honest individuals.

Born February 18, 1985 (age 36)

Kingston, Jamaica
Other names John Lee Malvo, Malik Malvo, The Beltway Sniper, The D.C. Sniper
Criminal penalty Life without parole, reduced to life with parole (Virginia)
Victims 10 killed, 3 injured (D.C. metropolitan area); 17 victims elsewhere
Span of crimes
February 16, 2002 – October 23, 2002
Country United States
State(s) Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Washington, D.C.
Date apprehended
October 24, 2002

The executioner additionally uncovered his accomplice and old assistant Muhammad for explicitly attacking him. Lee Boyd Malvo isn’t gay. In any case, was constrained and controlled to engage in a gay relationship.

Lee Boyd Malvo was hitched to his better half Sable Noel Knapp. The couple wedded in the year 2020 inside Virginia’s Red Onion State Prison on March 6. Lee Boyd Malvo’s significant other Sable Noel Knapp has a place with an exceptionally affluent family.

She is the granddaughter of an Iowa land engineer and an ally of Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter. Likewise, she is additionally the writer of the book You Are The Change: A Beginner’s Guide to Socially Responsible Investing.

Lee Boyd Malvo’s mom is Una James. From an extremely prior age, he was deserted by his dad and manhandled by his mom. Later the upset teen was joined by Muhammad who resembled a mentor for him.

Lee Boyd Mavo’s total assets data isn’t public. In October 2002 sentenced killers Malvo and Muhammad supposedly partook in 20 shootings that executed 13 guiltless lives.

Following which Lee was given life detainment. Afterward, decreased to existence with parole. In like manner, the driving force executioner John Allen Muhammad was executed by means of deadly infusion in 2009.