Leva Bates Boyfriend Josh Shibata Is TNT Announcer

Leva Bates sweetheart Josh Shibata is a ring broadcaster for the dynamite organization. Leva has been battling for the All First class Wrestling beginning around 2019.

AEW’s The Custodian might have an accomplice, the “Pretty” Peter Avalon on the ring, yet Leva has found her perfect partner, in actuality.


Bates has won hearts with her cosplaying while likewise integrating the person viewpoints into her battling. She was most popular as Blue Jeans during her experience with WWE.

Leva additionally invested huge energy with free circuits including Sparkle Ladies Competitors and Sparkle Wrestling. Bubba Beam Dudley and D-Von Dudley prepared her at the Group 3D Foundation prior to making her expert presentation in 2006.

Leva Bates has been dating Joshua Shibata beginning around 2018. She is open about her relationship with the multi-skilled ring commentator turned entertainer.

Josh first shared their image in December 2018 on Facebook, calling Leva his WCW. He added that words couldn’t portray how she affects him or how blissful she makes him. He was only lucky to have viewed as her.

Their adoration life has been pressing onward in spite of their bustling plans for getting work done. Leva ventures out around urban areas because of AEW’s voyaging plan however she reunites with her beau whenever the situation allows.

Bates and Josh went through a whole day together on August 22, 2019, as it was the main accessible day for her between her movements. They normally go out on film dates or repulsiveness and metallic shows for entertainment.

The two watched “Ghostbusters Life following death” on one November 2021 night out on the town while they had decided to appreciate at the General Studios Halloween Awfulness Evenings that very year.

Joshua, as well, makes visits to his adored between their distance and meets with individual AEW grapplers. In the mean time, Leva doesn’t neglect to wish him his birthday on June 22 consistently.

Leva Bates spouse to be Joshua Shibata is an accomplished media character and wellness mentor. He possesses a rec center in Van Nuys where he shows CrossFit and offers online courses.

His Instagram @socalshowdownjosh is completely devoted to his exercise recordings. Josh’s complete name is Joshua Hideaki Shibata, and he is a Japanese-American.Shibata’s striking works incorporate his job as Partner Sushi Culinary specialist No. 2 and Right hand Sushi Boss in the 2010 television series, “1000 Methods for dieing,” Leonard in six episodes of “Cost of Capital” in 2012, Glen as one episode of “Go On” in 2013, among numerous others.

He likewise demonstrated Kai Leng in the “Mass Impact 3” computer game in 2012. The young fellow likewise showed up as the superhuman Red Hawk in three television Series “Courageous woman Kombat,” “Bad dream,” and “Twisting.”

Joshua additionally cared for the tricks for “Public Geographic Explores” in 2011. He then, at that point, filled in as a ring commentator for dynamite in 2020.

In this way, the CrossFit master and model is a multi-skilled young fellow because of his adoration for battle sports and media.

Peter Avalon is Leva Bates’ significant other on-screen and are referred to for their viable expert relationship as “The Custodians” in AEW.

Peter was quick to enter the ring with the administrator trick, while Bates went along with him later.

Because of their underlying quibbling, the two custodians were among the most engaging couples among the different AEW storylines. They ultimately mellowed and turned into a group and furthermore battled together.

Both appeared on AEW on April 22, 2019, at Fyster Fest, where Leva lost to Allie after a superkick. Peter had went with her while he later made his in-ring debut at Battle for the Fallen, which he lost to Sonny Kiss.

The Curators couple began as heels, yet Leva turned face in the wake of slapping her accomplice and separating the group.

Leva and Peter stay old buddies, in actuality, as seen on their separate virtual entertainment. They share fun minutes behind the stage and, surprisingly, go out for dinners together.

As of Walk 2023, Avalon has imitated his new trick as “Pretty” Peter Avalon. His steady outcome in the wrestling advancement has landed him matches against veteran names like Chris Jericho.

In the interim, Leva’s Walk 3 tweet of Peter’s forthcoming match against Jericho saw her referring to him her as “husbando.”

Leva Bates family incorporates her mom and a senior sister. However she seldom posts about them, the curator keeps a nearby bond with them notwithstanding the distance.

Her senior sister’s birthday is April 17, and she wishes her big sister a unique day every year. Notwithstanding, her big sister presently can’t seem to show up on the AEW ring as her kin.

Similarly, a December 23, 2022, tweet by Bates surprised the AEW being a fan when she shared her mother’s lock screen backdrop. Momma Bates had set up an image of herself with other AEW stars.

Leva brought up that her mom didn’t put her two girls’ photographs as her backdrop notwithstanding one of them being an individual AEW grappler.

Twitteratis quieted down the comical circumstance as they brought up that her mother had essentially won her merchandise in the image.