Lina Tsybulnik, Trevor Reed Russian Girlfriend Age, Where Is She From?


As indicated by CNN Politics, Trevor Reed, a US resident, and a resigned Marine were delivered in a detainee trade subsequent to being held in Russia in 2019. He got a nine-year jail sentence in July 2020 for imperiling the “life and wellbeing” of Russian cops during an occurrence. His delivery stops a just about three-year bad dream. He and his family have declined the charges against him.

Netizens Are Eager To Know About Lina Tsybulnik, Trevor Reed Russian Girlfriend-Has She Revealed Her Age? Lina Tsybulnik is Trevor Reeds Russian sweetheart who expressed her beau’s delivery following three years. There’s not much of data about her on the web. In any case, in view of her appearance, she is in her twenties or mid thirties.

As indicated by a source, he had gone to meet Lina in May 2019. Nonetheless, simply seven days before his planned re-visitation of the United States, he was confined while going to a party beyond Moscow. There he drank excessively and became unsettled. Police appeared there, and later, he was blamed for jeopardizing the existences of two officials.

Where Could Lina Tsybulnik Originally From be? Lina Tsybulnik should be initially from Russia, however there isn’t a lot of individual data in regards to her. She came to the spotlight after the fresh insight about her beau, Trevor, set free from Russain’s detainment, surfaced on the web.

By the by, standing by listening to her familiar English, we question in the event that she is a Russian. Yet, as she was there in the country while he came to meet her, she is still there. Subsequently, we accept she may be from that point itself. As he has been delivered and sent back to his country, the couple could rejoin soon.

Study Lina Tsybulnik Family And Parents Lina Tsybulnik has not unveiled any data about her folks. We were unable to try and observe her web-based entertainment handles. Thus, she might be a private individual.

Nonetheless, her sweetheart’s dad and mom are glad to hear that their transgression is getting back. As per BBC, Trevor had been detained in Russia beginning around 2019.

He was traded for Konstantin Yaroshenko, a Russian detained on drug sneaking charges. In any case, he might need to spend a few days in the emergency clinic upon his appearance in light of the fact that Joey and Paula Reed guarantee that their child was abused in jail and seemed to have contracted tuberculosis.