Lion Is Lying, He Masterminded The Kidnapping Of Danjuma Because He Was Sacked From Bank – Emmanuel Charles


The famous hijacker, John Lion who was captured by Bayelsa police order close by his accessories Emanuel Charles uncovered the jobs the two of them played in the seizing of one Danjuma, a financier in the State.

In spite of the fact that John Lion while being consulted denied having partaken in the grabbing asserting that he just shows the ruffians the House where Danjuma resides and was then in this manner gifted the amount of N3.5M and $1,500 for his support.

However, in all actuality, he is clueless about the capturing and has been an inside decorator for quite a long time. He said he brought in his cash from being an inside decorator, not hijacking as affirmed.

Then again, Emmanuel Charles who said he was captured about a month prior said John Lion was the brains of the entire hijacking business.

He was the one that gave them the clue about the grabbing saying Danjuma was an extremely rich financier which they gathered the amount of N80 million from as payoff when he was seized. In spite of the fact that Emmanuel likewise affirm that he was given the amount of N3.5M and $1,500.