Logos Student, Nureni Kekereowo, 20, dies after being fed beans by his teenage Friends


The Senior Optional School 3 understudy guaranteed that Daniel, 19, and Sunday, two of his companions, welcomed him over to their place for supper and that he passed out subsequently.

Lagos understudy dies in the wake of being taken care of beans and bread by his teen companions, who likewise put a calabash on his head. The Senior Optional School 3 understudy asserted that Daniel, 19, and Sunday, two of his buddies, welcomed him over to their place for supper and that he passed out a while later.


Prior to dying, the departed said that he had a calabash on his head when he awakened. Olatunji Ajao, a neighborhood, professed to Punch that Nureni died the next day in the wake of retelling the event while in torment. He said, “Nureni asserted that he missed his buddies Daniel and Sunday’s call to go see them.

They gave him food when he ultimately left. He guaranteed that they put something on his head, which made his neck harden up and become stationary. He was in torment from the second he nodded off till the second he died.

The folks are from Calabar, in the Cross Stream State, and are not locals of this town. On Friday, October 7, 2022, the casualty’s general Atinuke said that the 20-year-old was oblivious when taken to her store.

Individuals asserted he was remaining by the roadside, and when they moved toward him, he pointed them toward this path. I was uninformed that they had performed customs with him despite the fact that he was snoozing when they carried him to me.

I even offered my thanks for them carrying him to me. She went on by saying that they needed to take him to a few areas, including mystics on the grounds that the next day he was as yet wiped out and incapable to talk, however he didn’t improve.

Cleared Happened At the point when they met the departed on Tuesday night and she at long last started talking, as per Atinuke, things began to improve.

He was then ready to explain what had unfolded and He said to have visited Daniel’s home, where he additionally met on Sunday, and been given bread and beans prior to nodding off. He guaranteed that when he at last stirred, they had set a calabash on his head. In the wake of expressing those things, Father died the next morning, and she proceeded.

Hassan Arogundade, the spouse of the departed sister, asserted that Nureni’s affirmation brought about the catch of two of the guilty parties. He said, “After he chatted on Tuesday night, we went to track down Daniel and found that Sunday had gotten away also. Daniel drove us to a man named Evans who, as per Daniel, was likewise involved.

We arrived and furthermore arrested him. They were brought to the Epe Police headquarters after we called the police. Benjamin Hundeyin, the express police’s advertising official, professed to know nothing about the event. I’ve checked my records, he proclaimed. I haven’t gotten a report on it yet.

Nureni Kekereowo Age, Family, Early Life Nureni Kekereowo was 20 years of age at the hour of his demise. He holds a Nigerian identity and has a place with the white nationality. His real born date and Zodiac sign are obscure.

Nureni Kekereowo Sweetheart, Shouldn’t something be said about his Relationship? So yet, nothing about Nureni Kekereowo’s better half or spouse’s character or love relationship has been uncovered.

Nureni Kekereowo Vocation, What was his calling? There is no data accessible on the web about Nureni Kekereowo’s expert vocation. In any case, he is a secondary school understudy and at present learning at the College.

How much is Nureni Kekereowo Total assets? Nureni Kekereowo has not uncovered her monetary subtleties. Accordingly assessing his total assets is difficult.