lovely moments Frederick Leonard, an actor, proposed to Peggy Ovire on bended knee.

Nollywood entertainer Frederick Leonard has proposed to his partner turned sweetheart, Peggy Ovire, acting with great humility.

This happened on Friday during Peggy Ovire’s impromptu get-together, which was coordinated by her Nollywood associates.

In the video, Frederick Leonard should be visible bowing and becoming flushed as he expands his ring and asks the million dollar inquiry.

Peggy Ovire burst out crying of bliss after seeing him, while other Nollywood entertainers shouted in amuse.

This comes after Frederick Leonard declared on her confirmed Instagram page that his partner, entertainer Peggy Ovire, is the lady he intends to use whatever might remain of his existence with.

Frederick Leonard composed heartfelt words to Ovire while praising her birthday. He inscribed a photograph of the celebrant, “To Have n To Hold..To Love n To Value..”

My adoration for you has stayed consistent as the years progressed, in all kinds of challenges. Child, look how far we’ve come. Today is your birthday, and the whole world is praising you.”

“Yet, Our Affection… I Will Continuously Celebrate.” @peggyovire, blissful birthday! “My Child, My Valentine… I love you.”