Magisterial probe into jail inmate’s death in UP

Kaushambhi (Uttar Pradesh), Oct 24 (IANS) An authoritative test has been requested into the passing of an undertrial detainee at Kaushambi locale prison. The locale judge will test the case.

The departed was in prison regarding an instance of assault stopped against him.

As indicated by reports, the undertrial detainee was an occupant of the Karari area of Kaushambi. He was tense over the argument stopped against him and expected that he could get sentenced for the wrongdoing.

Essential examinations by prison authorities uncovered that he came outside from dormitory number two and went behind the container.

In the wake of lingering for quite a while, he arranged a noose from a ‘gamchha’ and draped himself from a tree limb.

It is worth focusing on that the prison premises is under severe CCTV reconnaissance. In any case, nobody saw when the undertrial went behind the container and hanged himself.

Senior authorities have taken serious note of the carelessness.

Area Justice Sujeet Kumar said further move will be made in the wake of getting the report.

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