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Makhia Bryant was as of late shot and murdered by a cop in Ohio exactly when individuals had a moan of alleviation after the conviction of Darek Chauvin. The episode includes an Ohio cop who shot as the young lady was apparently using a blade.

The episode has gotten overall consideration in the media and has effectively made a huge load of debate. Individuals on Twitter and other web-based media stages spread the word about the occurrence, which has made it become viral rapidly.

Makhia Bryant whose has been depicted to be 16 years of age, was using a blade according to cops, which provoked him to shoot the lady. The young lady was born in the year 2004, however the specific birthdate of the dead young lady isn’t as of now known.

Name Makhia Bryant
Birthday 16 years old
Age 2004
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Student
Parents Paula Bryant

The shooting occurrence happened not long before 30 minutes of the conviction of Darek Chauvin, who killed George Floyd a year prior. Fights are going on in the local where the episode happened, and the word has been getting out on account of online media rapidly.

Another lady who was available at the episode is 15 years of age who is recognized as a niece. Makhia Bryant’s folks, particularly her mom, shared her pain in the media. Her mom, whose name has been uncovered to be Paula, discussed the impact the episode had on her.

As indicated by USA Today, the body cam shows Makhia Bryant employing her blade pointed at a lady who shoots the young lady multiple times, at last killing her. The name of the police has been uncovered to be Nicholas Reardon, who as of late joined the police in December 2019.