Mama Africa Muslimah – Ijeoma Ukenta Wikipedia, Who, Nationality, Biography


A stunning episode was as of late uncovered from a shopping center in New Jersey. A person of color, who goes as Mama Africa Muslimah, was almost smacked by “Karen”. Presently, Mama Africa has unveiled everything on her Youtube.

Mom Africa Muslimah from Youtube is the individual of color in the midst of Victoria secret Karen show. Muslimah recorded an episode in which a “Karen” tires to smack her. In any case, the Karen later becomes crazy after she understands that she is being shot.

Mom Africa Muslimah transferred the video on her youtube channel with 8.63k endorsers. Additionally, the 3 min 19-sec clasp has over 175k perspectives to date. Moreover, Muslimah even began to post a youtube series named “Karen Goes Crazy” to show the fallout of the episode. Obviously, she is wanting to sue her assaulter.

Beforehand, she had posted the Karen recordings in her Tiktok profile. In any case, her record was allegedly eliminated by Tiktok. In any case, another client transferred the video and got a large number of perspectives.

Mom Africa Muslimah otherwise known as Ijeoma Ukenta doesn’t have a public Instagram. Notwithstanding, she has as of late joined Twitter as detailed by her Part 9 youtube video. She as of now brags over 3k supporters on her Twitter @mamaafrica275. Mom Africa Muslimah isn’t highlighted by Wikipedia yet.

She is a person of color local to Nigerian roots. As a reality, a large portion of her youtube recordings before the Karen cuts were identified with her “Life in and around Senegal Africa”. Mother Africa Muslimah’s age appears around her 40s.

The Victoria’s Secret Karen has been recognized as Abigail Elphick. In the video, Abigail gets a full emergency in the Short Hills Mall of New Jersey. Additionally, she even requests Ukenta to quit shooting.

As the clasp circulated around the web, individuals were soon to call her “Karen”. Karen is commonly a metropolitan image that depicts a self-entitled and special white lady. However Ukenta calls the Mall police, they show no worry by any stretch of the imagination. Truth be told, they won’t accompany Abigail notwithstanding her conduct.

In any case, Mama Africa Muslimah has now applauded back. She has chosen to sue Elphick and the officials that reacted to the occurrence. She has even set up a GoFundMe page with an objective of $20k USD. Till now, she has effectively gathered $38k USD. Then again, Abigail Elphick has not given any proclamation yet.