Mama Rainbow, an actress, says a powerful prayer as she celebrates her 80th birthday in grand style.

At long last! Mom Rainbow’s hotly anticipated day has at long last shown up. The veteran, who had been anticipating her big day, took to Instagram to commend herself. Mom Rainbow turns 80 years of age today, October sixteenth.

To introduce the new age, the entertainer down-poured strong petitions on herself.

“Today I’m in addition to one.”

God is applauded. Today I’m an in addition to one. I petition the Ruler to build my prosperity and motivation with the goal that I can carry on with a preferable life over ever previously. Cheerful birthday to me; this new age will give me pleasure and flourishing until the end of my life, nose, and for eternity. Ruler, thank you for saving my life. This new age will give me all the pleasure that life brings to the table. I am so thankful to the Ruler for expanding my abundance and wellbeing consistently. “Much thanks to you, God, for everything.”

She expressed in another post,

“God All-powerful, it is in your decency that one more year has been added to the celebrant’s life.” I make a move to thank you for all that you have done in my life, and I ask that your light will keep on sparkling upon me. As I commend my 80th birthday celebration, I ask that your most noteworthy endowments keep on encompassing me. Indeed, even as all greatness gets back to me, you are directing me in my life’s all’s attempts. Thank you kindly, Ruler. OSE BABA DADA”.

As per reports Mom Rainbow, a veteran entertainer, ignited shock with her 80-year-old 21st-birthday shoot.

The then-80-year-old entertainer prodded on her Instagram page that she would turn 21 as opposed to 80.

“Yippee, your child young lady will be 21 years of age in the following 45 days, not the 80th.” “I revere all of you.”

This started shock on the web, with many individuals joining her in ridiculing her joke.

Her fans joined her in commending her 21st birthday.