Man Charged in Rape of Slain LSU Student Madison Brooks Faces New Rape Charge in Separate Case

One of the suspects accused of purportedly assaulting LSU understudy Madison Streams in no time before she was struck and killed by a vehicle has been captured regarding the supposed assault of a 12-year-old young lady at a birthday celebration in 2020, court reports show.

Kaivon Washington, 18, was captured on Jan. 23 and accused of third-degree assault for supposedly physically attacking the 19-year-old school sophomore in the early morning long stretches of Jan. 16 in the secondary lounge of a companion’s vehicle, as per reasonable justification testimonies got by Individuals.

On Thursday, he was set free from the East Cudgel Rouge Ward Jail on a $150,000 bond.

On Friday night, Washington was captured once more and accused of first-degree assault regarding the supposed rape of a 12-year-old young lady in 2020, as per a sworn statement got by WBRZ and The Promoter. Washington was set up for Livingston Area Detainment Center, online records show, 4WWL and report.

As per a sworn statement got by The Backer and WBRZ, the casualty’s mom acquired her to the clinic May 2021 after the casualty educated her concerning the supposed assault in 2020.

The casualty then told police Washington purportedly assaulted her in 2020 when Washington was 15, the affirmation shows, per the power source.

The casualty said she was at a birthday celebration and passed on the party to swim at a high rise. She and a female companion returned to her condo, and were joined by Washington and another male, the testimony states. While they were in the condo, Washington followed the casualty into her room where he supposedly covered her mouth while he assaulted her for around 30 minutes, the affirmation states, per the power source. Washington supposedly denied the allegation, the archives show. Washington was never charged in the occurrence as of recently.

Specialists looked again at the case after Creeks’ assault when an observer told police she supposedly saw Washington follow the then-12-year-old casualty into her room, WBRZ reports.

Washington’s lawyer, Ron Haley, didn’t promptly answer Individuals’ solicitation for input.

Be that as it may, he told WBRZ, “Mr. Washington and his mom helped out the examination a long time back, and policing no activity. Upon the survey of the new assertion from an observer that approached yesterday, we are concerned of the planning of this assertion, however whether it meets the edge of reasonable justification.”

Washington is one of four men who are accused in association of Creeks’ assault after she left Reggie’s bar close to the LSU grounds in a profoundly inebriated state, say police.

Washington and a 17-year-old male, whose character isn’t being uncovered on the grounds that he is a minor, each supposedly assaulted Creeks toward the rear of their companion’s vehicle, the testimony states. Two different men, Everett Lee, 28, and Casen Carver, 18, were in the front seat when the supposed assaults were occurring, as per the sworn statement.

Creeks, who had a blood-liquor level of .319% — very nearly multiple times as far as possible in Louisiana — experienced difficulty recalling where she resided, so the men dropped her off on a ruined stretch of thruway close to a region on Burbank Drive, the oath states.

She was clearly in the center of the street when she was struck by a vehicle. She was articulated dead at a clinic not long after.

The suspects have yet not entered requests in the Streams case. Washington has not yet entered a request in the 2020 case.

Lawyers for Lee and Carver didn’t quickly answer Individuals’ solicitation for input.