Man Kidnapped, Tried to Kill Gay Man on Dating App as Part of Hate Crime Scheme, ‘As Dahmer Had Done’


A Louisiana man will burn through 45 years in government jail in the wake of confessing in a capturing case after he hijacked, then, at that point, attempted to kill and dissect a gay man he met on a dating application, as per an assertion from the U.S. Division of Equity.

The man, 21-year-old Possibility Seneca, was taken part in a “months-in length conspire” to find and murder LGBTQ people, the DOJ explanation says.

Seneca’s upsetting arrangement started in 2020 when he utilized the LGBTQ dating application Grindr to track down a male objective to kill and eviscerate.

Subsequent to interfacing with a man distinguished as “H.W.” in the DOJ proclamation, Seneca organized to get together with the person in question.

He then, at that point, drove H.W. to a secluded house, put him in binds, and undermined him with a weapon.

Seneca then, at that point, continued to attempt to kill and dismantle H.W, as per the delivery. As a matter of fact, he utilized “a few techniques to endeavor to kill him.”

He left after erroneously trusting H.W. was dead. At the point when he was captured and addressed, Seneca owned up to police that he explicitly fantasized about killing and eating gay men, as the infamous chronic executioner Jeffrey Dahmer had done. He likewise purportedly told specialists he’d wanted to continue to kill until he was gotten or committed suicide.

“This interest drove him to go through months planning a homicide capturing plan that reflected the homicides of gay men committed by the infamous chronic executioner Jeffrey Dahmer,” the DOJ’s assertion says. It proceeds, “Seneca had additionally planned to eat and safeguard the bodies of his casualties, as Dahmer had done.”

The person in question, H.W., stood up after his close homicide, telling KATC3 he was “major areas of strength for remaining” wasn’t “going to allow this episode to get to [him].”

While describing what happened that evening, he told KATC3, “Part [of what] I recollect is that I came to over to get something out of my pack. That is the point at which I felt a line fold over my throat and he began pulling me in reverse.” The casualty said he awakened in a medical clinic, yet has scars on his wrists from where Seneca attempted to dismantle him.

“Current realities of this case are genuinely surprising, and the respondent’s choice to explicitly target gay men is an upsetting sign of the extraordinary biases and perils confronting the LGBTQ+ people group today,” Colleague Principal legal officer Kristen Clarke of the Equity Office’s Social equality Division — which was likewise engaged with the body of evidence against Seneca — said.

However his government case has been shut, Seneca actually faces a charge of endeavored second-degree murder in state court.