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Marcus Gilliam is a previous worker of the biggest quick easygoing eatery network, Shake Shack. He held the administrative post prior to leaving the association.

During his administration in June of 2020, three cops captured him and blamed him for harming their beverages. However, later on, it is discovered that he was blameless.

Marcus Gilliam is a previous chief of the Fulton Center’s Shake Shack. He is a basic American resident who was attempting to get his future. However, after he was captured and slandered via online media, his vocation is demolished.

Gilliam has sued the NYPD for his maligning and is asserting cash for his misfortune. Also, there is no data about his present place of employment status. Marcus Gilliam’s age is 28 years of age.

He has not uncovered his real date of birth or sun sign. Yet, it is realized that he is situated in New York and has American identity. Gilliam has a magnificent family and might have a spouse too.

Nonetheless, he has not shared anything about them since he is worried about his security. As a supervisor of Shake Shack, Marcus Gilliam procured a yearly compensation of $49,871.

The measure of his present check isn’t yet uncovered. However, he may have a respectable work and makes a sensible amount of cash. Marcus Gilliam was captured by the cops for harming their shakes. Last June, three cops visited the Shake Shack’s store and requested milkshakes.

They then, at that point griped that the shake tasted off thus, Marcus apologized and gave them vouchers. Be that as it may, later on, they again appeared and blamed him for harming their beverages.

The test gave that there were no indications of harming. In any case, even from that point onward, the officials captured Gilliam. They took Marcus to the station and kept him for 6 hours.

They examined him for 2 hours and insulted him too. The issue came to online media, and he was slandered. As of now, Gilliam has sued the NYPD and is requesting money related pay and lawyer’s charges.