Marcus Samuelsson Parents Are Ann Marie And Lennart Samuelsson

Marcus Samuelsson was raised by his folks Ann Marie and Lennart Samuelsson. Marcus Samuelsson experienced childhood in Ethiopia.

He studied at the Culinary Foundation in Gothenburg and later moved to Switzerland and Austria, then came to the US of America in 1994.

He worked at the Eatery Aquavit in Manhattan situated in New York, and at 24 years of age, he was the chief gourmet expert at the café.

After some time, he turned into the most youthful to get a three-star eatery survey at The New York Times. In 2003, the restauranter has entitled Best Culinary expert: New York City by the James Facial hair Establishment.

Marcus composed The Spirit of Another Food, which got the Best Global Cookbook prize. He has composed a few different books, like Road Food, Aquavit and the New Scandinavian Cooking, and En Smakresa.


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He is the meeting teacher at the Global Culinary Science at the Umea College School of Café and Culinary Expressions.

Throughout the long term, he has worked in different positions and, surprisingly, filled in as a visitor gourmet expert for the primary state supper of the administration of Barack Obama.

He showed up on the show Internal Gourmet expert in 2005 and Metropolitan Cusine in 2008.

According to IMDb, he is credited with five Programs as a maker and seven fills in as an entertainer, including Run the World and Cyberchase.

Marcus Samuelsson Guardians Ann Marie And Lennart Samuelsson
Marcus Samuelsson guardians are Ann Marie And Lennart Samuelsson. He was embraced by Ann Marie And Lennart Samuelsson.

Marcus was born to his folks on November 6, 1971, in Ethiopia situated in Africa. His introduction to the world dad, Tsegie, was the Ethiopian Standard Tewahedo Chuch minister. His mom died when he was a kid. He was born as Kassagun Tsegie.

He was isolated from his family when there was disturbance in the Ethiopian Nationwide conflict that started in 1974. He was embraced by Ann and Lennart, who lived in Gothenburg, Sweden.

His new parents needed to have children frantically yet could never have children so they embraced Marcus and his kin and carried them to Gothenburg.

Marcus’ receptive dad showed him when he was youthful that the café business would be completely different yet upheld him to seek after his profession as a culinary expert and a restauranter.

He expressed in Investigate Parts Obscure that he had never seen the image of his organic mother’s photographs were not taken then, at that point. It was shared with him that his mom was pretty and little.

He frequently goes to his homeland, where he meets his brothers and sister in Ethiopia. In 2000, he reconnected with his dad when he visited his country and more deeply studied his introduction to the world guardians.

Ann Marie was a homemaker who really focused on him and his kin so they would grow up appropriately and carry on with a magnificent life. Lennart was a geologist by calling, and he studied the set of experiences, nature, processes as well as materials of Earth.

In the second section of his book entitled Make It Simple, he referenced that his dad is a researcher.

On Walk 1, 2017, for the beginning of Ladies’ Month, Marcus posted a photograph of her mom, expressing that he needed to thank his mom Ann Marie, for all that she had given him.

He added that he generally dreaded her and realized he could return home until and except if he had something to show for himself. He referenced that he would continuously recollect her and love her.

In 2022, he posted a progression of photographs tending to the ladies in his day to day existence that assisted him with becoming what his identity is. He referenced his introduction to the world mother, who had strolled him and his kin to somewhere safe and secure, and his assenting mother who had cherished him genuinely.


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On the event of moms day, he imparted his number one photograph to his assenting mother in Sweden. He wished her a cheerful moms day and referenced that he missed her consistently.

On June 9, 2022, the restauranter posted a photograph and inscribed that he had only love for his folks as it took them some time to get the hang of his hair when he and his sister were embraced.

The big name gourmet specialist is incredibly thankful to his folks Ann Marie And Lennart Samuelsson for taking on him, giving him all that he might at any point need, and assisting him with turning into the individual he is.

Marcus Samuelsson Everyday Life The group of Marcus Samuelsson comprised of his two sisters, mother, father, and grandma.

He began to become keen on cooking when his grandma Helga used to instruct and take care of him yummy food sources and her unmistakable dishes.

On Walk 1, 2021, he posted a youth picture and referenced that his adoration for cooking came from his grandma, he actually has her recipe for meatballs on the menu of the Chicken Harlem eatery.

He called his grandma mormor and expressed that she generally upheld and empowered him.

On Walk 29, 2017, Marcus tweeted that he was appreciative for his grandma, who had shown him how to cook when he was youthful and made scrumptious food varieties with exceptionally basic ingredients.

He posted a family photograph on Public Reception Day and expressed that that day merited celebrating.

He expressed gratitude toward his mom and father for greeting his sister and him wholeheartedly and genuine love.

He posted an image with his sisters and mom while experiencing childhood in Sweden on October 8, 2020, and expressed that he cherished how they generally cuddled up in the photograph.

He added that the photograph brought back warm recollections of his mom’s embraces.

Marcus Samuelsson Sister Are Linda And Anna Samuelsson Marcus Samuelsson has two sisters Linda Samuelsson and Anna Samuelsson.

Linda is his sister from a similar birth mother who was with him when they were embraced in the wake of being isolated from their family in 1974. Her original name was not Linda, and it was changed after Ann Marie and Lennart had taken on her.


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Anna is the assenting sister of the gourmet expert, and the three kin live respectively with their mother and father. Anna was additionally embraced when she was 15 months old, and Linda, alongside Marcus, was taken on later.

On Walk 11, 2021, he posted a photograph of himself and his sister Linda when they were little playing instruments and expressed that he miss unrecorded music and the energy from their speakeasy. He added that he was unable to stand by to have every one of them back.

On another event, he posted a photograph of himself and his sister riding a bike when they were youthful and a second photograph of himself as a grown-up riding a bike. He inscribed the photographs of how it began, and it was going.

He likewise posted a photograph of himself and Linda when they were youthful, observing Easter in Sweden.

He referenced that they commended the occasion somewhat better in Sweden, spruced up and went house to house asking for candy during Easter, and spruced up as witches and brushes.

Marcus Samuelsson Spouse and Kids Marcus is presently hitched to his better half Maya Haile Samuelsson, and several has two kids Zion and Elegance.

Maya is an expert model and is related with the Notorious Concentration and Inventive Craftsman demonstrating organizations.

She studied to be a medical caretaker however later chose to stop as she needed to turn into a model.

Several has helped to establish the Three Goats Association, which furnishes Ethiopia’s inhabitants with the fundamental human requirements for development and advancement.

He has been hitched to his better half beginning around 2009, and they have been hitched for over decade. The couple met in 2005 and began dating.

They had a straightforward commitment party in Sweden and wedded three years after they began to date. The couple secured the bunch in Addis Ababa in, Ethiopia.

In the wake of being hitched for something like seven years, Maya brought forth their most memorable kid Zion on July 19, 2016.


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Their firstborn is as of now six years of age. The wedded couple invited their subsequent kid, Beauty, on January 25, 2022, and she as of late turned one year old.

Several lives joyfully in Harlem, situated in New York, with two of his kids. Indeed, even following quite a while of being hitched, they have kept on becoming together.

Their affection has just expanded after the introduction of their girl, and they have kept on handling the issues over time.