Margot Robbie Was ‘Horrified’ She ‘Didn’t Know the Definition of Sexual Harassment’ Before ‘Bombshell’

Margot Robbie focused on why she played the job in Stunner, the 2019 show about the ones who cooperated to uncover Fox News President Roger Ailes for his continuous sexual offense.

The Australian entertainer, 32, conceded she didn’t have the foggiest idea about the meaning of lewd behavior and played the job to assist her with better grasping it.

“I understood that I — as an individual with a laid out position in the business, monetarily set up and independent — I didn’t have the foggiest idea about the meaning of lewd behavior, and that is stunning,” she said during a BAFTA Life in Pictures talk praising her profession, as per Assortment. Robbie likewise said it “astonished” her that she had close to zero familiarity with the subject, and Sensation instructed her that lewd behavior and awful ways of behaving genuinely “thrives in the hazy situation.”

“Roger Ailes or Harvey Weinstein, they exploit the region,” the Barbie entertainer added. “The circumstance isn’t high contrast.” Robbie will in general incline toward hard jobs that challenge her.

In WSJ. Magazine’s cover profile for the November Trailblazer’s Issue, the Oscar-designated entertainer focused on her specialty, explicitly her inclination for debilitating jobs.

“I’m a masochist,” she told the magazine. Adding that regardless of how overwhelming or depleting a job — Tonya Harding in 2017’s I, Tonya would appear to surely count — the entertainer “can constantly track down a fifth stuff.” Robbie’s profile, composed by Lesley M.M. Blume, is one of eight covers addressing the current year’s WSJ. Magazine grant beneficiaries.

Robbie is the distribution’s Diversion Trailblazer beneficiary for 2022.

The Trend-setter Issue and Grants honor the year’s pivotal visionaries and their social effect across an assortment of diversion fields.

Among the points examined was Robbie collaborating with Josey McNamara, Sophia Kerr and presently spouse Tom Ackerley to frame the LuckyChap Amusement creation organization in 2014.

The main task for LuckyChap was the honor winning I, Tonya, which right away, the entertainer said, was not met with much excitement inside the business, so LuckyChap immediately got the choice. “They [were] like, ‘You can’t make that…. You have 200-something scenes, a few areas, it’s period,’ ” reviewed Robbie.

“We read it and were like, ‘However it’s simply f — ing incredible; it’s the best content ever, so who cares?’ ”

Noticing that main 1% of the tasks presently pitched to them are “f — yeses,” Robbie appreciated thinking back about the organization’s modest, longshot starting points.

“[We were] excessively youthful and stupid to know how alarming [it would] be,” she said.

“Getting everything going on a kitchen seat in London, everybody was like: ‘They’re such idiots…it would be a wonder in the event that they did anything.’ “