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Who Is Marilyn Stanley? Is it true that she is the lady in the zombie lady TikTok recordings? How about we discover.

A few recordings coursing on the organizations guarantee that the “zombie lady” is Marilyn Stanley, a young lady her beau tormented in 2015.

This hypothesis sounds very solid, yet in the viral video, you can see that the police wear veils, which makes us question the validity of this story, since in 2015 there was no pandemic and wearing a cover were not exceptionally normal; what do you think?

Marilyn Stanley was scalped by her ex and beaten until she was oblivious. Marilyn’s then-sweetheart Zachary Gross scalped and manhandled her. Also, she was battered by his pit bull terrier named Capone. After the maltreatment, he kissed her and gave her a pack loaded with her grisly hair.

A video of an affirmed “zombie lady” was moving on TikTok. Seattle Police Officers had the option to limit her and take her to a medical clinic.

The two unique recordings encompassing the episode were eliminated from TikTok. In the principal, you could see a lady with trouble moving, shouting hopelessly, and with grisly garments.

The lady had no hair on her head, and her skin looked strange. In the video, it is perceived how the affirmed “zombie lady” strolls randomly in torment with blood stains and uncovered feet. Many individuals have inferred that the baffling instance of the Zombie Woman of Seattle shows likenesses with the instance of Marilyn Stanley in 2015.

As per Fox19, Marilyn Stanley was genuinely manhandled by Zachary Gross for almost 60 minutes. At the point when she attempted to protect herself with a blade, Gross made his canine assault her.

80% of Stanley’s scalp was removed her head. The canine tore separated her scalp and ear. After the episode, Gross constrained her to take a gander at the mirror and put the torn scalp and hair in a pack. She was taken to the emergency clinic with very enlarged eyes and a messed up nose.