Mark Allen New Girlfriend Is Aideen Cassidy After Divorcing Wife Kyla McGuigan

Mark Allen has continued on with his new sweetheart, Aideen Cassidy, in the wake of separating from his better half, Kyla McGuigan. Kyla McGuigan has likewise as of late been locked in to her new love.

Kyla McGuigan and Mark Allen separated from quite a while back. From that point forward, they have continued on with new accomplices.

The world no.8 was first hitched to the ladies’ snooker champion Reanne Evans in his mid 20s, and it didn’t wind up well. The snooker players separated from following three years into their relationship yet were guardians to a child young lady named Lauren.

The separation negatively affected Mark as he bowed out of all financial obligations and his psychological well-being at its absolute bottom, and it was then he met Kyla McGuigan. In any case, even this relationship didn’t last the time, as they separated in 2020.

The previous evening as Mark brought home the UK Title, he was with his new sweetheart and prospective spouse, Aideen Cassidy. He hopes to secure the bunch in 2023.

Mark Allen met his previous spouse, Kyla McGuigan, at a dance club in 2011. The couple secured the bunch two years after the fact in 2013 and furthermore have a girl.

Mark and Kyla ran into each other when the Irish man was at the most dreary second in his life. In a meeting, he credited Kyla for saving him from spiraling wild.

McGuigan was not new to the name Mark Allen. As matter of reality, Kyla’s brother, Barry, realized him very well. The two or three has two unique accounts of their experience from the night at the Antrim club.

On the off chance that it was head over heels love for Mark, for Kyla, it was a slow interaction. It required her an investment to deal with the way that she was dating one of the biggest stars of the snooker scene.

The couple proceeded to secure the bunch in May 2013 in Monaghan. It was not the initial occasion when Allen and McGuigan strolled down the path. The snooker player was recently hitched to ladies snooker title holder Reanne Evans.

During the pandemic, assuming a few connections developed further and new sentiments were framed, the equivalent can’t be said for Mark and Kyla. The two sought legal separation in 2020.

During a meeting with Belfast Live, Mark shared that there wasn’t any big justification behind their separation it was only that thing wasn’t turning out for them. Allen guaranteed the media that the separation was neighborly.

Kyla McGuigan, the previous spouse of Mark Allen, is locked in again after she separated from him a long time back. She is currently involved with a man named Steve.

Congrats were for Kyla, who imparted the insight about her commitment to Steve on her Facebook handle on April 23. At that point, Steve and Kyla had been locked in for north of a month.

Kyla has imparted a few pics to her prospective spouse on her web-based entertainment. Seeing those photos and recordings, it’s certain that Steve has absolutely ruined Kyla with the most potential extravagant brands.

The two had gone on a vacation outing recently in May, with Kyla in any event, making a TikTok video and sharing it on her Facebook handle. In Spring, the couple went on an outing to The SSE Field, Belfast, to watch the professional comic John Diocesan.

The two wound up having a headache a few days ago, with Kyla advance notice her companions to not drink on children’s weeknights. Perhaps it was a non-significant relationship that Kyla could have searched for that she found in lighthearted Steve as opposed to in a more serious Mark.

Mark and his previous Kyla share a little girl named Harleigh. Be that as it may, at a certain point, the previous couple were guardians to three youngsters, with the other two from their past relationship.

From his most memorable marriage, Mark has a little girl named Lauren, and Kyla has a child named Robbie. It stays obscure to whom Kyla was recently hitched, however on account of Mark, he had a public aftermath with his renowned ex.

1. Robbie McGuigan Robbie McGuigan, 18, is Kyla’s child from her past relationship. However it stays obscure who Robbie’s dad was, the Northern Irishman has continued in the strides of his previous stepfather.

In 2021, he broke Mark’s previous record after he turned into the most youthful ever Northern Ireland Novice snooker champion. He beat Mark by more than two months.

Robbie is accessible on Twitter with the client handle @Robbiemcg147 and recently he added one more prize to his generally piled up bureau as he was triumphant in the Q Visit.

2. Lauren Allen Lauren Allen, 16, is the little girl of Mark Allen and his most memorable spouse, Reanne Evans. The couple was in their mid 20s when they had their most memorable youngster, and later the marriage between the two transformed into a muddled separation in 2008.

Lauren presently lives with her mom, Reanne, and in a meeting, he discussed not having the option to meet his little girl. In the event that Mark’s relationship with Kayla finished genially, with Reanne, it finished in the most potential awful way, with the two battling about youngster support.

3. Harleigh Allen
Harleigh Allen, 5, is the lone offspring of Mark and Kayla. The apple of the eye of her folks, Harleigh at present lives with her mom.

Kyla has shared a few pictures of Harliegh on her Facebook handle, and in the new one, Kyla even shouted that Harleigh very closely resembles her.

From finishing her nails to going to military workmanship classes, Kyla is ensuring that her little girl can partake in each part of her life.

Mark Allen attributes his weight reduction to his new sweetheart, Aideen Cassidy. The snooker player has destroyed a couple of pounds and is more appealing than at any other time.

Like he met his previous Kyla in his most somber second, Mark met Aideen experiencing the same thing. After his separation from Kyla, Mark was entangled in two distinct claims.

The first was from his most memorable spouse for the youngster settlement case, and the other was his forthcoming separation settlement with Kyla. His life was returning to what it was in 2011, a burdensome state.

Be that as it may, subsequent to meeting Aideen, Mark got back to his trained and constant self. Like Mark, Aideen is recently hitched and has a girl named Orlaith.

The mother-of-one, Aideen, claims a party business called Lil Miss Gatherings, situated in Belfast. They generally coordinate birthday celebrations for youngsters with explicit topics of Disney Princesses or Wonder superheroes like Iron Man.

Recently, on July 12, Aideen shared a photograph of her and Steve with their two girls from a past marriage as she declared her commitment. The couple had been seeing someone 2020.

In later photographs, Aideen even shared a photograph parading her wedding band. The couple, alongside their girls, Harleigh and Orlaith, has gone on outings to water stops and taken their little girls to horse riding classes.