Marlene Johnson Now: Where is Shirley Pierce’s Killer Today


On July 23, 2013, 911 administrators in Rowan County, North Carolina, purchased a name from Chuck Reeves, who recognized that he had basically tracked down the murder of his sweetheart of their home. At the point when police showed up on the scene, they found Shirley Pierce, who had been cut many examples and had the blade’s arrangement with in any case wedged in her throat after they showed up. Dreadful Girls: The Blame Recreation, a pristine Investigation Discovery assortment, follows the investigation into the murder and unveils how the examination uncovered illegal propelled by desirously that drove directly to Marlene Johnson. In the occasion you’re scrutinizing the spot Marlene is valid now, don’t fear, we’ve gotten you covered.

Who Is Marlene Johnson? At first from Gastonia, North Carolina, Marlene Johnson was born in 1952 into a prosperous family. As per the present, she had a generally favored childhood. She wedded Ervin Johnson in 1983, in the wake of ascending in a family the spot she was constantly given what she wanted. Inverse to assumptions, Marlene and Ervin have been on entirely gone against sides of the range, with Marlene being friendly and Ervin favoring isolation and being worried in his work. No matter what this, they have been fit for make their marriage work, and in the wake of inviting their girl into the world, the couple appeared to be content material with their relationship.

Marlene had battled with mental prosperity gives generally through her life, and the present uncovered that she attempted self destruction in 2003. Following that episode, Marlene and her better half’s relationship kept on breaking down, with Marlene changing into increasingly savage. Ervin’s work life, in any case, proceeded to create, and in 2006, he acknowledged the spot of Chief Monetary Officer of Tuscarora Yarns.

In light of Ervin’s capability expecting him to satisfy a great many people, he arrived into contact with Shirley Pierce, who worked on the indistinguishable organization as him. Ervin and Shirley have been fast mates, and the past even sent off Shirley to Marlene, who was subsequently acquainted with Shirley by Ervin. Shirley, be that as it may, inspired Marlene’s fear from the exceptionally beginning. However she didn’t envision that Ervin and Shirley have been worried seeing someone, leased a non-public examiner to explore her doubts.

Regardless of whether the individual examiner couldn’t uncover any evidence of infidelity, Marlene stayed over the top about Shirley. She got information on Shirley’s consistently normal and, surprisingly, attacked her outside an eatery in February 2011, because of court agenda desk work. Two counts of threatening behavior have been acquainted in resistance with Marlene, and one depend of misdeed attack was also acquainted in resistance with her, because of the present. No matter what this, she stayed uninterested and as an option chose to intrude on into Shirley’s home with the goal to wound her to death toll.

The spot Is Marlene Johnson Now? At the point when the police began their examination concerning Shirley’s death toll, they found that she had died because of a deadly blade twisted to the neck. Besides, the woman had shallow cut injuries all through her constitution, and a blade manage was held up in her throat, demonstrating that she had been gone after. Regardless of whether there was a lot of blood on the scene, the attacker seemed to have attempted to scour it up with blanch, which seemed to have killed by far most of the DNA evidence. No matter what this, specialists have been equipped for get better some horrendous paper towels that contained an obscure DNA design that they thought would make them the culprit.

After Marlene’s murder, Ervin turned increasingly more terrified of her, and he even got a limiting request contrary to her, in light of the episode. He furthermore taught police that he accepted his mate was ensnared in Shirley’s manslaughter, which provoked them to send off an examination concerning her contribution. As fast on the grounds that the specialists caught Marlene, they found purging gives in her auto, notwithstanding Shirley’s correspondence. As well as, a hunt of her home uncovered that she was over the top about Shirley, with signs of following and checking tracked down by the police.

However Marlene kept on disavowing any capability inside the manslaughter, officials have been fit for put the last nail inside the casket after they found her DNA on Shirley’s wash draperies notwithstanding on the paper towels that have been gathered from the crime location. Thus, using sufficient DNA confirmation, Marlene was secured and presented sooner than a choose for crime. Marlene was found capable of first-degree crime at her preliminary, and along these lines, she was condemned to life in prison with out the capability of send off in 2018. Her current home is the Anson Correctional Establishment in Polkton, North Carolina, the spot she keeps up with her blamelessness regardless of whether she has been sentenced.