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Mary Stauffer and her girl Elizabeth Stauffer were kidnapped by one of Mary’s understudies Ming Sen Shiue in the year 1980. The mother and girl were hijacked at a gunpoint while they were wanting to leave for a mission trip.

Her snatching has been made into a film that was delivered on October 5, 2019, under the creation of Stalking Productions. The film variation was composed by Michael Vickerman without changing the first story.

Allow us to study Mary Stauffer and investigate where is she today and about the hijacker.

Mary Stauffer is well and alive today in the year 2021 as per Answer however her accurate whereabouts have not risen to the top yet.

As a casualty of quite possibly the most famous hijacking cases throughout the entire existence of Minnesota, Mary took as much time as is needed to get back to her day by day timetable and ordinary life after the occurrence.

In spite of the specific data about Mary’s whereabouts as of now has not risen to the top, her girl Elizabeth who was likewise grabbed has gotten hitched and has children of her own starting at 2021.

In any case, the abducting casualty has mended from the seizing and misuse however the bad dreams would scarcely depart her recollections until the finish of her life.

Mary Stauffer’s seizing case was adjusted into a narrative film named Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story.

With the screen runtime of 87 minutes, it archives the subtleties of the 7 and a half week attempt and battle of Mary and her little girl while being held by the abductor.

The cast of the narrative is Alyson Hannigan as Mary Stauffer, Daphne Hoskins as Elizabeth Stauffer, Howie Lai as Ming Sen Shiue, and others.

Stole: The Mary Stauffer Story has gotten a rating of 5.8 out of 10 in the IMDB and 4.2 out of 5 in Hoopla.

Mary Stauffer was hitched to her better half Irv Stauffer.

Her better half functioned as a Christian minister in the Philippines with her. The couple went through 5 years working in the Philippines prior to getting once again to the US of America in 1979.

Much about the couple’s hitched life and wedding subtleties are hazy right now, they had two lovely kids. Little girl Elizabeth Stauffer and child Steven Stauffer. Stauffer family was a Christian family and was exceptionally strict.

Mary Stauffer’s hijacker was one of her understudies Ming Sen Shiue.

He was 30 years of age at the hour of the abducting. Taiwan-born Ming moved to the United States of America at eight years old years old with his family.

His dad was a teacher at the University of Minnesota however died three years subsequent to moving to the states.

We can get familiar with Mary and her girl’s criminal and victimizer Ming Sen Shiue from his Wikipedia profile.