Md. Man Comes Home and Finds His Adult Children, 3 Others Dead After Murder-Suicide


A Maryland man got back to his La Plata home on Friday to find five individuals dead — including his two adult youngsters, according to a statement from the Charles Region Sheriff’s Office.

Not long from now before 4 p.m. Friday, the man entered the home and made the inauspicious discovery.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect, Andre Sales, 28, who dwells at an alternate home, went into the house and killed his ex, Sara Mann, 21; her brother, Kai Mann, 18; their mother, Sommaly Mann, 48; and another male who was inside, Javon Watson, 23. Sales then directed the weapon back toward himself, officials stated.

Investigators continue investigating a thought process, which might actually be the consequence of an ongoing homegrown dispute, The Washington Post revealed. The property holder’s brother, Robin Mann, let the newspaper know that Sales was the father of Sara Mann’s two small kids, and that he once resided in the home where he perpetrated the homicide self destruction.

There were two small kids in the home who were initially unaccounted for, however they were located a brief time frame later safe and unharmed at an alternate location, officials stated.

Family individuals have created a GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral costs, and any remaining money will go toward Sara’s two youngsters.

“Bright was a loving mother to Sara and Kai and one of the most giving and caring individuals you might have at any point met. She dedicated her life to providing for her family and sanctuary in each way she could and was always there for any of her families and companions who required her,” the fundraising site’s organizer expounded on the family matriarch.

“Sara was also a loving mother of two beautiful youngsters, Gaylin (2 years old) and Wesley (under a year old), who are presently orphaned,” the page stated. “Kai was a kind, caring and sweet soul who took a stab at his Dad’s business to help accommodate the family.” The Office of the Central Medical Examiner will perform autopsies to confirm the exact cause of death for each person.

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