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Paul Castellano’s better half was a critical figure in his life, introducing an individual part of this celebrated Mafia pioneer. This page contains extra data on her.

Paul Castellano was an American hoodlum who assumed control over the Gambino criminal family after Carlo Gambino died. He was engaged with different criminal operations, going from ordinary Mafia tasks to authentic organizations. Castellano was known for his riches and influence, yet his reign reached a conclusion in 1985 when he was killed in an unapproved hit, making room for John Gotti to turn into the new Gambino family pioneer.


June 26, 1915

New York City, New York, U.S.
Died December 16, 1985 (aged 70)

New York City, New York, U.S.
Cause of death Multiple gunshot wounds
Resting place Moravian Cemetery
New Dorp, Staten Island
Other names “Big Paulie”, “PC”, “The Pope”, “The Chicken Man”, “The Beak”.
Occupation Crime boss
Predecessor Carlo Gambino
Successor John Gotti
Nina Manno Castellano

(m. 1937)

Children 4
Relatives Carlo Gambino (cousin and brother-in-law)
Allegiance Gambino crime family

Paul Castellano Spouse Nino Manno Wikipedia
Nimo Manno, Paul Castellano’s better half, carried on with a generally peaceful existence away from the public spotlight and shame that went with her better half, the manager of the Gambino wrongdoing family, and a critical job in the American Mafia. Nina Manno Castellano was born in 1937 after Nimo wedded Paul Castellano.

Paul Castellano was killed in 1985, finishing the couple’s marriage of more than fifty years. During their marriage, they had four youngsters: three young men (Paul, Philip, and Joseph Castellano) and a young lady, Constance Castellano. While little is had some significant awareness of Nina’s own life or her part in her better half’s unlawful organizations, this is normal among Mafia figures.

Most relatives carry on with additional calm existences to keep a feeling of predictability. Nina Manno Castellano’s life took a grievous turn on December 16, 1985, when her significant other, Paul, was killed. His death marked a turning point in the Gambino wrongdoing family’s ancestry, bringing about a power shift inside the association.

After Paul Castellano’s homicide, Nina confronted the difficulties of being a widow, as well as the legitimate and profound repercussions of being related with a high-profile mafia figure. She spent her last years from the spotlight until her demise in 1999. While there is no far reaching biography of Nina Manno, her union with Paul Castellano without a doubt impacted her life.

Nino Manno Age: How Old Would she say she was?
Nina Manno Castellano’s life experience reached a conclusion in 1999, shutting a significant part. At the hour of her passing, she was 84 years of age. She was born in 1915, during a period marked by verifiable occasions like both Universal Conflicts and the Economic crisis of the early 20s. Nina’s life was interwoven with coordinated wrongdoing through her union with Paul Castellano, who developed to turn into the top of the Gambino criminal family.

Because of their marriage, they delivered four youngsters: three young men, Paul, Philip, and Joseph Castellano, and a young lady, Constance Castellano. While insights about Nina Castellano’s life are sparse, her situation as a mother and spouse in a general public covered in mystery and peril probably been testing.

Her passing at 84 years old marked the finish of an almost very long term presence that saw her hug a creating society and witness massive changes in the criminal underground. Nina’s passing at 84 years old is an indication of the multifaceted lives drove by people associated with coordinated wrongdoing figures, which are frequently stowed away from general visibility.