Meghan Markle Wanted To Be UK’s Beyonce; New Book Claim

Another book extract says Meghan Markle expected to turn into “Beyoncé of the UK” after joining the royal family.

Valentine Low’s book “Retainers: The Secret Power Behind the Crown” gives insight into Meghan Markle.

The book will be available on October 6 through Headline Books.

An insider from the palace revealed Low while discussing Prince Harry and Markle’s eventual departure for the US.

The source said that Markle had trouble adjusting to the royal family’s way of life since she became a family part.

Speaking with Low, an insider disclosed, “I think Meghan thought she was going to be the Beyoncé of the UK. [Of course], being part of the royal family would give her that praise.”

The informant continued, “Whereas what she discovered was that there were such countless standards that were ludicrous to the point that she was unable to try and do the things that she could do as a private individual, which is extreme.” In addition, the source also informed the author that how the couple’s departure was handled was “incompetent beyond conviction.”

According to Low, the Duke, Duchess of Sussex, and other royal family individuals had inconvenience compromising over the departure.

Low expressed, “Harry and Meghan felt cornered, misunderstood, and profoundly unhappy.” The essayist continued, “Assuming the remainder of the institution failed to appreciate that, regardless of whether their demands were unreasonable, the departure negotiations were never going to happily end.”

The former palace insider said, “It just expected the decision-makers to lounge around a table and say, ‘alright. What are we going to do about this? What improve? And what can we give?”

Low’s book has also made headlines this week, claiming that Markle threatened to break up with Prince Harry.

The reason for this is that Harry was unable to make public confirmation of their relationship.

According to another extract in the article, the team of Prince Harry and Markle called itself the “Sussex Survivors’ Club” because of mind boggling working relationships.