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Melani Pawlowski is an ex of Brandon Boudreaux who was supposedly shot back in 2019. They got separated before the occurrence. Lori Vallow’s niece, Melani, has been in a battle for guardianship with her ex Brandon Boudreaux for quite a long time.

Study her significant other and her history underneath. Melani Pawlowski has four youngsters with her ex Brandon Boudreaux. She as of late had a child with her present spouse, Ian Pawlowski.

There is no substantial data about her union with Brandon. However, they split two years prior. She then, at that point got hitched to Ian Pawlowski around the same time subsequent to dating for only fourteen days.

Melani has been in a battle for authority with her ex Brandon Boudreaux. Starting at 2021, Melani and Brandon’s youngsters stay in care. Melani is Lori Vallow’s niece and moreover, Lori is auntie of her. Melani was the girl of late Stacey Lynne Cox Cope, sister of Lori.

Her mom died on May 21, 1998, when Melani was only 9 years of age. Melani left her ex and her kids in Arizona soon after Brandon blamed her for being important for a “religion.”

It was documented that the religion was the place where various individuals, grown-ups and kids the same, had been killed off like flies. Melani moved to Idaho with her present spouse, Ian, and lived nearby to her auntie Lori Vallow Daybell and uncle Alex Cox.

Just to advise you that this load of names are engaged with a criminal episode that we will cover in this article. Brandon, Melani’s ex was shot soon after she moved to Idaho. Shockingly, it is said that her uncle Alex is the supposed shooter. Of course, in September 2019, there was a missing instance of Lori Vallow’s kids JJ Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 17.

Melani was being scrutinized for the endeavored murder of her ex. She was additionally suspected to have an association with Vallow’s missing children. Unfortunately, Lori’s youngsters were discovered dead and Lori and Chad Daybell are booked for a joint preliminary in July 2021.

Yet, Melani has been reliably rejecting that she was engaged with any of the occurrences and she had been charged erroneously. The two Melani and Ian say they are dealing with their care cases saying that the circumstance they are confronting is unfair. Melani doesn’t appear to have an Instagram account.