Mercy Eke Addresses Dating Rumors With Celebrity Car Dealer IVD

Big Brother Naija Victor Leniency Squeeze has tended to the claims that she’s engaging in extramarital relations with VIP vehicle vendor IVD.

Benevolence Squeeze took to her online entertainment to address the tales that she was involved with VIP vehicle seller IVD who as of late lost his better half to what reports are calling an instance of aggressive behavior at home.

“My name has been discolored for quite a while, this is the first and last time I will address this.

The explanation I’m tending to this conspicuous falsehood is a result of the late spouse Mrs. Airhead.

These are bits of proof and receipts showing that I have nothing other than deals with IVD!!!” Leniency posted.

Benevolence posted the receipt of the 39 million naira she paid for the Reach Wanderer she purchased in September 2021 to commend her birthday.

As per Kindness, the vehicle has been giving her different issues since she bought it with IVD continually encouraging to fix the vehicle.

Kindness expressed that she has endured humiliation because of the unfortunate condition of the vehicle and she needs a discount of the 39 million naira she paid for the vehicle.