Mercy Johnson Vents Out Over Her Childrens’ Complaints

Nollywood entertainer and mum of four Mercy Johnson Okojie has been left disappointed with her children’s mentalities while on their outing abroad.

The entertainer and her children were making a beeline for the US at the air terminal when Mercy requested that they convey their sacks, and they denied.

Mourning, Mercy Johnson described how they whined about how weighty the packs were.

Sharing the entertaining video, Mercy inscribed it with,

“Just to convey sacks and they are whining… US in a little”.

Kemi Filani news reviews Mercy Johnson was not frustrated when she connected with her youngsters to figure out what they could have done without about her.

As a feature of the mother’s day festivity, Mercy Johnson shared a diverting video posing her youngsters explicit inquiries about her way of life and the most loved line she utilizes for them.

Answering, Mercy Johnson’s kids said her number one lines incorporate, ‘stop that rubbish,’ ‘assuming I beat you, you will realize I am the one that brought forth you.

Kindness Johnson’s kids added that she beats and teaches excessively.

The youngsters additionally said Mercy Johnson’s slap can send somebody to Jesus, in spite of the fact that they actually love the wonderful way she ruins them with gifts, gives them anything they desire, and takes them out.