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Michael Gargiulo is an American indicted criminal who is blamed for killing more than 10 ladies in a range of almost 15 years.

He is a chronic executioner and attacker who used to cut his casualties various occasions and physically abuse them now and again previously or at times in the wake of killing them.

At first captured for just two homicides in California, he was condemned to similarly less time.

In any case, with additional examination and finding of him being a chronic executioner and attacker, the sentences turned out to be a lot of series and stretched, prompting death row.

With the new declaration of his charges, the public’s interests in regards to his better half, kids, and other individual subtleties are at their pinnacle.

Michael Thomas Gargiulo

February 15, 1976 (age 45)

Glenview, Illinois, U.S.
Other names Hollywood Ripper
Chiller Killer
The Boy Next Door Killer
Conviction(s) Murder
Criminal penalty Death
Victims 3–10; 1 survived
Span of crimes
Country United States
State(s) Illinois, California
Date apprehended
June 6, 2008

Michael Gargiulo is hitched to his significant other, Ana Luz Gonzalez.

Since he was before long arrested after their marriage, it seems like she has effectively separated from him. In any case, there is no exact data in regards to that.

Michael wedded Ana in the year 2007, and she had no clue with respect to what her better half was. Pretty much a year after their wedding, Michael was captured for the checks of murders and assault.

Besides, Michael never had any kids. He was not hitched for that long, and according to history, he was bad with ladies since the entirety of his casualties were females.

The age of the Hollywood Ripper, otherwise called Michael Gargiulo, is 45 years of age.

He was born on February 15, 1976, in Northfield Township, Illinois, United States, to his folks.

Additionally, he had 6 kin with whom he grew up.

Michael Gargiulo has been condemned to death on July 16, 2021, which is only a few of days prior.

He is condemned for the homicide of 10 ladies. Notwithstanding, sources have announced that this number goes way high since not all cases are found.

Out of the entirety of his know cases, he has assaulted in excess of 10 individuals, and out of them, 1 has endure.

All things considered, murder, yet in addition assaulting his casualties or in some cases the casualties’ carcasses is additionally a charged to his case.

He was just accused of 2 killings in California since the lone proof for his homicides was DNA proof.

With the assertions of numerous others identified with this case, at last, the choice has been taken, and he is getting charged for every one of his manslaughters and assaults.

Michael, consequently, is condemned to die after around 13 years of his underlying arraignment.