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Michael Hernandez, 31, was a notorious young person who murdered his colleague 17 years prior. Michael died in jail on the second of May 2021 while serving for his revolting wrongdoing.

This has unexpectedly revived the case in everyone’s psyche. In this way, on the off chance that you are interested about the executioner and the reason for his demise, you’ve gone to the perfect spot. Peruse along; this is what we know.

Michael was an ordinary youngster going to his secondary school until he chose to kill his cohort one day. It ends up, Michael was not a customary kid; he tried to be a chronic executioner at 14 years old.

He killed his class individual, Jaime Gough, by wounding him on his neck multiple times. He was constantly entranced by brutal motion pictures, activities. Indeed, even this homicide was arranged cautiously, however much consideration that an adolescent psyche could be.

Michael was going to the Southwood Middle School in Palmetto Bay. Very little is known in regards to Michael’s life in jail or any of his blame. Michael Hernandez’s folks and family were without a doubt frozen and scared of the wrongdoing their kid perpetrated.

In any case, very little is thought about them. After the demise of Michael, Jaime Gough’s folks approached to communicate their sympathies. His dad Jorge and mother Maria said that they were not anticipating this by any means.

Both Jorge and Maria had effectively excused Michael some time in the past and enjoyed picked harmony. They even added, they understood what it feels to lose a youngster, and their considerations were with Hernandez’s folks.

Michael Hernandez died probably due to an excess of medications. He was reported dead at a clinical focus in Lake City close to the jail. Be that as it may, the examination of Michael is yet to be explored by the FDLE.