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It is exceptionally tragic how adolescents announced missing is tracked down dead. There were a few such situations when missing end up being either shocking demise or murder.

We should discover what had befallen the Columbia SC understudy after he disappeared. His body had been found by the police under a mile from where he disappeared.

Michael Keen was 22 years of age, a senior studying finance at the school. He was relied upon to move on from the University in the following three weeks.

Sharp’s folks should be devasted with the information. It’s terrible to lose a youngster who grew up and is about the beginning dealing with their folks and himself.

His dad referenced that he thought about Keen as his dearest friend, and his mom said she cherished him to such an extent. The news is pitiful that they should barely bear.

They said they are working with the Columbia Police Department to examine completely on that. As of not long ago, they have not shared how he died.

According to police, in 2020, a University of South Carolina understudy was seen as dead after police say he jumped a fence at that area and fell. He was harmed to death.

Michael was accounted for missing on Sunday in a space not a long way from the quarry. His body was found on Monday thus, he disappeared for a day in particular.

His dad last heard from him after sharp said he was passing on J’s Corner Restaurant and bar to head back home. The eatery is situated on Rosewood Drive close to where it meets Buff Road.

It was relatively close to the State Fairgrounds. At a similar spot, even police found two dead bodies the year before. Numerous different mishaps additionally happened there.

The coroner affirmed that teh UOFSC Student Michael Keen, who disappeared tracked down dead. The Richland County Coroner’s office says the body was found at a rough quarry.

Coroner Naida Rutherford said that Keen was found under a mile from where he was accounted for missing. He had no choices rather than appealing to God for the withdrew soul.

What’s more, to stretch out supplications and sympathy to the relatives. We additionally wish that Michael’s spirit might find happiness in the hereafter and his family get the solidarity to adapt to the misfortune.