Mikaben Died Of Heart Attack In The Middle Of A Concert In Paris, Was he Sick Before?

Gifted Vocalist Mikaben Benjamin Died because of a Coronary episode during a show in Paris on Saturday, October 15.

Michael Benjamin was born in 1981 and began composing melodies when he was 15. He went to School in Montreal, Canada, and chipped away at his Music such a long time.


Mikaben was known as one of the best performers from Haiti, and he could sing in four dialects: French, Spanish, English, and Creole.

He posted a video on his Instagram Feed with an extraordinary grin expressing gratitude toward his fans for the help not long before the show from inside the Accor Field on Saturday.

He began his vocation in 2004 and framed a band named Krezi Mizik with his cousin David Dupoux, delivering two music collections. He then proceeded to work together with Carimi and T-Bad habit.

After the tremor in Haiti in 2010, Mokaben visited a few emergency clinics, shelters, displaced person camps, and different artists to perform for the people in question.

The late capable artist Mikaben could sing in English, Creole, Spanish, and French. He likewise knew how to play the bass, drums, guitar, and console, among different instruments.

Mikaben Died Of a Coronary failure In A Show In Paris Haitians gave recognition for vocalist Mikaben on Sunday, whose entertain demise the prior night during a show in Paris left his nation falter.

The 41-year-old craftsman, Michael Benjamin, got through a thought respiratory failure during an exhibition Saturday, horrifying fans who saw him disintegrate as he advanced off stage.

He was performing at the 20,000-limit Accor Field in eastern Paris as a visitor of the Haitian gathering Carimi.

Afterward, Accor Field declared through Twitter that the vocalist died after he experienced a seizure on the stage. Notwithstanding numerous endeavors and crisis administration, the vocalist couldn’t be saved.

Recordings became a web sensation via virtual entertainment where he was seen performing, then, at that point, unexpectedly, he turned and advanced to the rear of the stage. He falls in full perspective on observers, the Music stops, and doctors are called.

It seemed to be Mikaben dropped after his presentation as he left the stage. Pedre was likewise at the show and uncovered later that Mikaben was getting CPR.

When he reported the passing of Mikaben, everybody in the Haitian music scene, including the administration and his Carimi bandmates, was stunned.

Individual from the hip-bounce bunch the Fugees, Haiti-born rapper Wyclef Jean referred to him as “one of the most motivational and compelling youthful craftsmen of the present age” in a meeting with The Miami Envoy paper.

Previous Haitian head Jean Henry Ceant repeated the recognition, hailing Mikaben as “one of the most gifted specialists of his age” on Twitter.

Was Mikaben Benjamin Debilitated? According to the sources, The reason for Mikaben Benjamin’s demise was Heart failure. He died during his show in Ward on Saturday, October 15. In any case, Regardless of whether the vocalist was debilitated before the show is yet to be unveiled.

Accolades poured in from across Haiti after his demise, with radio broadcasts and scenes over and again playing his Music from Saturday night.

Haitian State leader Ariel Henry additionally composed on Twitter that he was stunned by the unexpected death of Michael Benjamin. He added, “We lost an extremely skilled figure in Haitian Music.

In addition, Mikaben’s significant other, Vanessa Benjamin, is pregnant with their third kid. Fallen, Vanessa asked her family members not to call her, unfit to deal with her grieving, her pregnancy, and her two first kids, Gabriel and Leia.

Our genuine sympathies to Mikaben’s loved ones. May his spirit find happiness in the hereafter!