Mike Ness is Married to Wife: Christine Marie Ness. Kids.

Michael James Ness, referred to expertly as Mike Ness, is a famous American performer born on the third day of April 1962 in Lynn, Massachusetts. He is currently sixty years of age.

He is perceived as the frontman, lead guitarist, lyricist, and singer of Social Twisting, an American underground rock band. Alongside Casey Royer, he helped to establish the band in 1978 when he was just sixteen years of age and stopped concentrating on secondary school to seek after his music vocation a year later.


Find out about the life and connections of American performer and Social Twisting’s frontman Mike Ness. Besides, find insights concerning Mike Ness’ better half and children! Mike Ness is hitched to his better half: Christine Marie Ness
As far as the ladies in his day to day existence, the American performer is now a joyfully hitched man to his darling spouse, Christine Marie Ness. They have been hitched since the last part of the 1990s and are the guardians of two young men named Julian Ness and Johny Ness. Mike Ness isn’t one to drill down into his confidential life that much and makes it a highlight keep away from the examination of the media. Thus, little is realized about Mike Ness’ better half, Christine Marie, or their relationship as the years progressed. It is possible that the couple was in a past undertaking before their marriage as their most seasoned child, Julian, was born in 1992, and Mike was romantical with American artist Dita Von Teese from that year until 1995. Moreover, his stepson, Julian, was born in 1997, meaning they could have gotten hitched somewhere in the range of 1997 and 1999.

It doesn’t appear to be that the beginning stages of their marriage ended up okay as he was in a later relationship with Dita, his accomplice before his union with Christine Marie, in 2001 until 2002. No matter what the expressed detail, the several has been hitched and in a caring relationship up until this day. She has been Mike’s biggest team promoter all through his vocation and has given him immovable help. As of now, Ness and his significant other Christine, along with their two children, make their home in St Nick Ana, California. According to reports, none of the two has taken part in an illicit relationship beyond their marriage. What’s more, it is very impossible that he will at any point separate from his better half on the grounds that the Social Mutilation frontman has been blindly enamored with both her and their whole family.Mike Ness’ past relationship with Dita Von Teese Preceding Mike’s relationship with his better half, Christine Marie, he was involved with American artist and model Dita Von Teese. She and the entertainer for Social Bending dated from 1992 until 1995.

Certain individuals say that she might have been Mike Ness’ better half. Therefore, they revived their relationship in 2001 and afterward, once more, finished it a year after in 2002. Not much has been revealed in regards to Mike and Dita’s issue from that point forward. Mike Ness’ children The Social Contortion has a sum of two kids, and they are both from his significant other, Christine Marie. Julian Ness His most seasoned child was born in 1992. Unfortunately, Julian’s careful birth date has not been imparted to the overall population. Johnny Ness His second and most youthful kid was born in 1997. Like his more established brother, Johnny’s careful birth date is yet to be uncovered. His organic dad has additionally been concealed. In spite of not being Mike’s organic child, the two have had a veritable dad and-child relationship.