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Milad is a clinical understudy who tossed sulphuric corrosive over his previous sweetheart. He has as of late been accused of imprisoned for quite a long time. He was a clinical understudy and business person. As a business person, he established the organization DocBot.

He is the originator and overseer of DocBot. He, alongside his companions, discovered DocBot in the late spring of 2016. Prior to being captured, he was the leader of Cardiff University Anesthetics, Perioperative and Intensive Care Society.

This isn’t his first instance of assaulting individuals with the destructive liquid. He had as of now conceded to one count of deliberately applying destructive liquid. He’ll likewise be waiting on the post trial process for a long time and should finish no less than 66% of his sentence prior to being qualified for parole.

Milad Rouf’s name is of Persian beginning. The name Milad is normally given as a first name to a male, and its significance is Son of the Sun. Moreover, his Lastname Rouf was brought to England by the Normans when they vanquished the country in 1066. It comes from the Norman given name Rudolph.

The corrosive assailant Milad is of Newport Road, Roath, Cardiff. Milad Rouf is 25 years of age. On the twentieth of May, he assaulted Dr. Rym Alaoui when she addressed the way to her home in Steine Gardens, Brighton.

As indicated by Lewes Crown Court, the assault happened a month and a half after Alaoui had said a final farewell to him. The lady, who is thought to be in her twenties, has life changing wounds.

At the point when Rouf thumped on Alaoui’s entryway, he was wearing a cushioned “fat suit,” shades, and a visor. He then, at that point, given her a message that gave off an impression of being threatening to one of her previous flatmates.

He flung the corrosive over her and surged away as she twisted down to understand it. Since the assault, Dr. Alaoui has gone through five significant medical procedure. She actually can’t see out of one eye, and her eyelid, just as the skin all over, chest, neck, and arm, has been harmed.

The offender’s inspiration was found to be simple desire and dismissal. Milad Rouf is a resident of Australia. He is a piece of the Islamic people group as he follows the Islamic religion.

Rouf was a last year clinical understudy at Cardiff University at that point. Milad Rouf’s folks have not given any assertion in regards to his deeds in broad daylight at this point.

They are embarrassed about their child, so they have not delivered anything about the case yet. Mr. and Mrs. Rouf has likewise not given any media presence. Milad is inaccessible via web-based media, which is the reason his folks can not be followed.