Miranda Guerrero San Antonio Bar Fight Video Goes Viral, Here Is The Mugshot Of The Woman Arrested


A fight between three ladies turned pretty tumultuous in 2019 when one of them chose to render retribution against the excess two.The battle that began inside the Northwest side bar took an awful turn right external the bar.

Miranda Guerrero, a 22-year-old female hit two different females with her vehicle, right external the NW bar. This video was shot by a cellphone and was subsequently transferred via web-based media.


It promptly became a web sensation in 2019 as multiple million individuals watched it. The authority sources later revealed the episode and said that the onlookers selected to film it rather than to help the harmed ladies or even call the police.

Who Is Miranda Guerrero From San Antonio? Miranda Guerrero is a San Antonio-based lady who hit two different ladies outside a bar in 2019.

The episode occurred following the three females had been engaged with a battle inside the area. She hit two females with her vehicle and ran away from the area rapidly as she accelerated her vehicle.

It required some investment for the police to show up at the scene since the encompassing individuals postponed detailing the episode to the police. Her expert foundation is obscure.

Miranda Guerrero Assault Video The attack video of Miranda Guerrero where she hits two ladies with her vehicle can be tracked down effectively on the web. The viral video shows that Guerrero drove her vehicle and hit one of them while they were strolling in the road.

After the main lady got down, Miranda pursued another lady, who grappled with the vehicle, and in the long run brought her down also. You can observe the video on an article distributed by Ksat where the full film is shown.

It went pretty popular and a large number of individuals saw it. Miranda Guerrero Arrested Miranda Guerrero was captured by the police for charges connected with exasperated attack with a destructive weapon.

In spite of the fact that Miranda ran away from the area, she was in the long run gotten by the police. She was confined on two counts of attack and was kept in prison for around a month.

Moreover, she was condemned to jail with a bail of $50k. As of the current time, Guerrero is believed to be out of jail after a portion of her realized ones enacted the bail.