Missing Boy, Who Got Lost in N.C. Woods While Skipping School to Play Xbox, Slept in RV and Befriended a Cat


A young man was found after he lost all sense of direction in the forest when he attempted to play hooky recently to play computer games. As per NBC member WRAL, 9-year-old Bentley Stancil was seen running into the forest close to his home in Wendell, North Carolina, on Tuesday morning as opposed to boarding his transport to school.

FOX offshoot WGHP detailed that a Golden Alarm was given in the state in the hours after Bentley’s vanishing.


Bentley was in the end tracked down on Wednesday morning after a broad hunt that elaborate groups from the FBI, neighborhood police and different workers.

However, the kid’s family was amazed to realize the reason why he chose to jettison school, which prompted him running into the forest to stow away from neighbors.

“Nobody anticipated that Xbox should be the explanation he attempted to avoid out on school and not get back home,” Bentley’s auntie and legitimate watchman, April Poage, told WRAL.

She proceeded: “I was unable to accept it truly was the Xbox on the grounds that my psyche was going 1,000,000 spots – like is there something at school? Perhaps someone is tormenting him and he simply hadn’t educated us?” Per NBC offshoot WITN, Bentley was found concealing in a camper in a space that had proactively been looked.

“I’m only appreciative for everyone included who assisted,” said Kayla Stancil, Bentley’s mom, as indicated by ABC member WTVD. “Since this might have turned out exceptionally awful. Furthermore, it didn’t. Furthermore, he’s alright. He’s clever, and he tracked down a RV to remain in for cover. What’s more, it had power.”

“He remained warm the entire evening,” she added. “He didn’t get wet. What’s more, he found a feline that he experienced passionate feelings for that we may be bringing back home.”

The family let the station know that Bentley endured the night after he found “something to eat and a microwave” while inside the RV.

Brandon Stancil, Bentley’s dad, said his child was feeling much better when he was at last found in the wake of getting lost. “He took a gander at me and grinned, and said I realized you planned to track down me,” he said, per WTVD. “I was like child, I ain’t been to rest, I ain’t been home, I ain’t been to work. I couldn’t simply go no place and lounge around with my child out there.”

“He bounced around 10 feet in my arms,” Brandon reviewed. “Also, that is the best inclination to where I could feel, I found my child and he’s OK.”