Missing Teacher, Ellida Ferreira, 26, was found dead in Sao Paolo


Ellida Ferreira was found dead by a stream in Sao Paolo. Subsequent to venturing out from home to see her mom, a MISSING instructor was inelegantly found dead with her appendages bound. In So Paulo City, Brazil, on Monday, Ellida Ferreira’s body was unfortunately seen as close to a stream.

Her family members said that she evaporated two days before at 8 p.m. in the wake of withdrawing for the Vila Guilherme neighborhood’s Tiete Bus stop.


The educator had expected to meet at her mom’s home in Campinas with her significant other and their half year old kid, yet she won’t ever appear. Relatives raised the alert and posted web-based entertainment demands.

The casualty’s brother Valdir Anderson Lima, notwithstanding, said that the chase was over on Monday when her cadaver was found. The casualty was found bound with rope at her wrists and feet and enveloped by a sheet.

As per the SSP-SP, criminological assessments of the casualty’s remaining parts will be led to decide the subtleties of her puzzling passing.

Also, the police are taking a gander at CCTV pictures from where the casualty’s cadaver was found. As the request is progressing, no suspects have yet been distinguished.

Early Life Ellida Ferreira was 26 years of age at the hour of her passing. She holds a Brazilian identity and she has a place with the white race.