Mixed Reaction As Dorathy And Others Raise Glasses And Vibe To Songs At Rico’s Candle Light

A video posted by BBN’s Dorathy from Rico’s candlelight parade has started different responses from netizens.

Late artiste and unscripted television Star, Rico’s evening of accolade and candlelight walk was hung on Wednesday, the nineteenth of October. The candlelight walk had some unscripted television stars like Alex Surprising, Phyna, Dorathy, and so on in participation as they all emerged to honor their late partner.

One of the recordings from the candlelight parades has started up blended responses on the web. In the video which was transferred by previous Big Brother Naija’s housemate, Dorathy, Dorathy, and others should be visible in the club, raising their glasses, singing and moving to a melody.

Certain individuals find it ill-advised that they are doing something like this at the candlelight parade of a young fellow who they guarantee to cherish. They accept it should be a serious night as it was a heartbreaking misfortune, and not a night to bring glasses of liquor up in the club.

Certain individuals additionally find the tune obtuse as the verses of the melody say “Everlastingly youthful, I need to be always youthful. Do you truly need to live until the end of time?”.

Then again, there are individuals who saw nothing strange about the video, they accept individuals ought to be permitted to lament however they need.

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