Model Sheagreekfreak On TikTok Allegedly Twerked For Kanye West and Future

A lady who goes by the Instagram handle She A Greek Freak showed up on the Sofia F Podcast and guaranteed that the rapper mentioned her to go along with him and Future in the studio.

An ever increasing number of individuals are getting stages to tell their stories because of the apparently day to day presentation of a new webcast.

There have been a huge number posts about dating or mainstream society that have turned into a web sensation, yet occasionally a model will emerge with a tale about a supposed experience with a rapper.

A few ladies, as Celina Powell, have achieved web-based entertainment groupie shame because of their implied contacts with well known entertainers, and on June 15, Aliza Jane accomplished reputation subsequent to sharing her story of meeting Kanye West and Future. Netizens are interested about the model and her own life subsequent to paying attention to the webcast.

Video: Sheagreekfreak On TikTok Twerked For Kanye West and Future On the Sofia F Podcast, a woman who goes by the Instagram moniker @sheagreekfreak claims that Kanye West requested that she go along with him and Future in the studio.

She professed to have met the rapper in Miami, and that after he left for Los Angeles, he requested that she go along with him in the studio.

She concurred, figuring she would get an opportunity to watch Kanye West working and furthermore have an opportunity to play him a portion of her music. “I met him that evening, purchased his number, and whenever he was in Miami, he was like, ‘Approach Future’s home like we’re in the studio.'”

I’m pulling up like they’re in the studio, so I’m going there to see them create music and show him my tune,” she said. As she showed up, Kanye West made an odd solicitation, which, she proceeded, she quickly conformed to.

At the point when interrogated concerning it, the lady said that she was twerking all through the meeting without planning to bother the craftsman.

The life sized model, distinguished as Aliza Jane, has not given any proof to help her case, and neither Kanye nor Future have remarked.

Model Sheagreekfreak Age And Real Name Sheagreekfreak has not referenced any insights about her genuine name. She is by all accounts a circumspect individual connected with her own life.

The model hasn’t referenced her age via web-based entertainment by the same token. She gives off an impression of being in her mid-20s, however, subsequent to paying attention to the digital recording. The wonderful model most certainly has a decent body which makes her seriously charming. Further, sheagreekfreak will give her subtleties to general society in the forthcoming days.

Meet Sheagreekfreak On Instagram Sheagreekfreak is accessible on Instagram under the client handle @sheagreekfreak.

The delightful model has more than 8k adherents on her web-based entertainment handle. Similarly, she has followed 174 in her profile and has 3 posts till now.

She has all the earmarks of being less dynamic on Instagram, yet since her record is private, it’s difficult to know whether the model has as of late utilized web-based entertainment.