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Mohammed Anwar, a Uber Eats Driver was been supposedly carjacked and slaughtered by 2 young ladies in Washington DC, a week ago. As of late, a 66-year-old Uber driver was supposedly slaughtered by two young ladies after an endeavor to loot his vehicle.

The homicide appeared to be an auto crash yet the recordings uncovered the homicide of the old Uber driver. Mohammed Anwar was a 66-year individual from Springfield, Virginia who used to work in Uber Eats.

He was a family individual whi=o still used to work and bring in cash for his family. He was purportedly slaughtered a week ago.  Mohammed Anwar, Uber eats Driver was murdered by 2 teen young ladies in Washinton D.C.

The young ladies were attempting to burglarize his uber while driving. He was discovered sliding and battling through one side of the vehicle which slammed and flipped off. As per the police, the young ladies tased Anwar because of which he accelerated the vehicle and it slammed a couple of moments later.

Name Mohammad Anwar
Age 66
Gender Male
Nationality Pakistani-American
Profession Uber Driver
Married/Single Married

The charged young ladies are 13 and 15 years of age!! They are blamed for furnished highjacking and murder of the 66-year-old. Mohammad Anwar was a family individual. He had a major family.

As per USA Today, he is a dearest spouse granddad, father, uncle, and an extraordinary companion of many. He used to work in Uber eats for them and his family is devasted after his demise. They likewise conversed with USA Today in regards to this matter

GoFundMe, a monetary guide association has helped the Anwar family to fund-raise for them after the passing of their oldest. They have effectively raised around $400000 for Anwar’s family. We can give to the family on their site.

Mohammad Anwar’s Carjacking video was moving on Reddit yet it has been eliminated because of wellbeing and local area rule purposes. There are a few posts moving on Reddit with respect to this matter and individuals are giving their considerations in regards to it. Be that as it may, there is the video of seizing on Twitter.