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A high school understudy by the name of Mona Rodriguez was shot to death by an official after a battle.

After the shooting, Rodriguez was immediately taken to the clinic and her mind is accounted for to be as of now dead while her family has affirmed that she isn’t relied upon to endure.

The occurrence occurred in Long Beach in California, the United States where a school security official took out his firearm and discharged two shots in the front seat of the vehicle where Mona was in.

She was in the vehicle with her more youthful brother and the dad of her five-month-old kid as revealed by the New York Post.

This news immediately got the features and presently the overall individuals are vigorously reprimanding the official for terminating towards unarmed individuals who were attempting to leave.

Mona Rodriguez was an understudy who studied at Millikan High School in Long Beach, California.

Rodriguez got into a battle with an additional 15-year-old young lady understudy in the road and was leaving after the battle.

Be that as it may, Mona alongside her brother and the dad of her child, Rafeul while leaving in their vehicle were wildly shot by the security official.

The official supposedly discharged two shots towards the vehicle and that too towards the front seat as affirmed by nbclosangeles.

The shot went straight inside Rodriguez’s head and her cerebrum died right then and there.

Despite the fact that she is presently held under life support in the clinic, Mona isn’t relied upon to endure and it is inevitable until she dies.

As prior referenced, Mona Rodriguez’s age was just 18 years of age as she was fiercely killed.

Discussing her demise cause, Rodriguez was shot in the head by a wellbeing official killing her cerebrum in a moment.

Evidently, she isn’t relied upon to endure and will ultimately die.

Considering this, the reason for death of Mona is a discharge which may be murder if the official is seen as blameworthy.

Mona Rodriguez’s loved ones are currently unequivocally fighting to get equity for the adored woman.

The news likewise got circled rapidly on Facebook and other online media stages which has now turned into a mass subject.

Practically all individuals with information on the occurrence are requesting appropriate examination and equity to be given to Mona and her folks for their misfortune.

Accordingly, the examiners uncovered that a severe examination was going on and the official who discharged the slug is presently away from the obligations till the examination finishes.