Mongo: Horse Returns Home After Going Missing For 8 Years


Mongo then went through those years running with wild broncos in the West Desert, for reasons unknown.

Adams said, “I thought he was dead, I truly thought he was dead.”

That was until Sept. 27, when the Department of Land The board sent him a message.

The message said, “In the event that you are the individual who lost the pony in the West Desert a couple of years prior, if it’s not too much trouble, call me and give me her telephone number.”

Adams said his life could never go back. expressed that for the initial three years that Mongo was gone, he went to better places consistently to search for him.

“However, significantly, when I previously lost him, I went to a difficult situation to ensure he was appropriately revealed missing,” which is the reason BLM knew to attempt to track down him.

Adams put Mongo in his pony trailer and drove right around three hours to get him home when he found out. Then, at that point, it resembled Mongo won’t ever leave.

He said, “We are returning to where we were previously, on the grounds that he was consistently out.”

Adams has been assisting Mongo with recovering the 400 pounds he lost while he was in the West Desert. Mongo doesn’t appear to have attempted to take off once more and is by all accounts all around focused on.

Adams says that Mongo returning home has been his focusing light in the wake of moving past a stroke and the wide range of various issues life has tossed at him.

“It causes me to feel like I can really recuperate more and improve, and get myself back,” said Adams. He needs to prepare Mongo for a spring riding trip, yet he probably won’t go to the desert.