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Monica Sementilli is the spouse of Fabio Sementilli who was killed in his home in 2017. Where is she now? The Fabio Sementilli Case Update. On January 23, 2017, two distinguished people moved toward Fabio Sementilli in his home and grabbed him from behind.

He was then wounded on numerous occasions to death. He was wounded multiple times on his chest and neck. In any case, his case actually stays perplexing as nobody has confessed to his homicide.

The significant suspects of the case are his own better half and her beau. How about we become acquainted with his better half, Monica. Monica Sementilli is still in and around the Fabio Sementilli murder case.

Be that as it may, there have not been any decisive outcomes out of the examination. The preliminary actually proceeds as the adjudicator saw her not as liable of the homicide of her better half.

Her present whereabouts are not by and large known right now. Monica Sementilli was captured following four months of the occurrence. Nonetheless, there were no slivers of proof that associated her as the killer.

Henceforth, she was given up at that point. In any case, the preliminary proceeds as the case actually stays perplexing. A preliminary is expected later in April this year. However, as of now, she is only a suspect and not a convict.

Additionally, she has three kids with her casualty spouse. They had two little girls and a child. Monica Sementilli doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography, at any rate not as of recently. Likewise, she isn’t hitched right now.

Be that as it may, the bits of gossip about her beau are valid. She was dating the previous pornography entertainer, Robert Baker. She alongside her sweetheart supposedly slaughtered Fabio for protection cash yet their total assets stays unsure. Nonetheless, there is no verification that she really did it. She anticipates preliminary in April.