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Who Are Morgan Kay Beamer and Drew Beamer? What befell them after Todd’s passing during the 9/11 assaults. Todd is an American saint. He was one individuals who battled against the psychological oppressors who seized the United Airlines Flight 93.

Morgan Kay Beamer and Drew Beamer are the childern of Todd Beamer and his better half Lisa Beamer. Morgan Kay is an entertainer and a model. She is prestigious as a relative of the gallant man Todd who helped during the 9/11 psychological militant assaults.

Besides, his child Drew Beamer was just a year old when Todd saved the existences of many individuals from the fear based oppressor ruffians. Attracted went to Wheaton College.

Todd additionally has another child named David Beamer. Very much like his dad and brother Drew, David went to Wheaton College as well. Drew is a competitor and plays for the school group. Similarly, David is a quarterback at Wheaton and in his senior year.

Todd’s kids are full grown at this point. Morgan Kay Beamer is 19 years of age by age. Her birthday falls on the ninth of January. Moreover, Drew Beamer is around 21 years old. David’s age is conjectured to be 23.

Despite the fact that Todd Beamer has a memoir on Wikipedia, his youngsters Morgan Kay and Drew are yet to have their very own bio. Nonetheless, numerous different sources have expounded on them. Drew is a football player at Wheaton College. He plays in the situation of a midfielder.

David played as a quarterback for Princeton High School and continued on to play for similar school his dad studied in. Todd’s youngsters Morgan Kay Beamer and Drew Beamer, are progressing admirably. They are thriving and learning at Wheaton College.

His most youthful youngster, Morgan, is 19, and his children Drew and David is 21 and 23, separately. His better half, Lisa Beamer, is 52 years of age as of September 2021. Lisa is an American essayist and a lobbyist. During the 9/11 episode, Lisa was 5 months pregnant.

She distributed the book Let’s Roll!: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage, about her darling spouse and a public saint. We couldn’t discover Todd Beamer’s youngsters’ Instagram accounts right now.