Morgan Taylor Lund: Woman pleads insanity after stabbing ex-boyfriend 19 times with scissors in his sleep, claims it was a ‘dream’


WINNEBAGO Province, WISCONSIN: Morgan Taylor Lund, a 21-year-elderly person who wounded her ex with scissors, argued not liable by reason of craziness. Lund guaranteed that she encountered a fantasy. Nonetheless, examiners called the case an ‘endeavored murder.’

Itemizing the conceivable dream, the Wisconsin lady guaranteed she went after a “dull, frightening figure” when, as a matter of fact, she was going after her ex, according to the testimony given on the side of the criminal claim. A psychological assessment of the lady has been requested by Judge Bryan D Keberlein of Winnebago Province Circuit Court, revealed Regulation and Wrongdoing.

‘Sister went crazy and beau is dying’ On Saturday, February 18, at around 8 am, Oshkosh police showed up at the 500 block of Jefferson Road and tracked down a ridiculous scene, said investigators. “The call was initially dispatched as ‘sister blew a gasket and sweetheart is dying,’ conceivably wounded in arms,” the record expressed.

“At the point when official Bennett arrived at the highest point of the steps, he saw a more youthful blonde female who seemed, by all accounts, to be wearing just a larger than usual blue UCLA pullover and resembled blood covering both of her legs, her feet, the two lower arms, and the back and front of her hands,” as per reports. The reports likewise added, “She was hanging over the rear of a dark sectional sofa in a lounge room, applying strain to a shirtless male’s upper chest or right shoulder region.”

‘I assumed I saw something’ As per the archives, following the cutting, Lund’s ex communicated his shock as he asked her, “What the f*** is off with you?” She purportedly wailed and answered, “I assumed I saw something,” and he answered, “No!”

The man portrayed his wounds as being “all over, on my back, on my chest, all over,” and a cut on his scalp. The examiners expressed that 19 cut injuries were tracked down on him by the emergency clinic clinical staff and was given staples or fastens for his wounds. “Plentiful measures of blood,” was found on the love seat and floor of the parlor where the clearly bloodied scissors were likewise found, as per specialists.

Ludn’s ex, with whom she lives, is the dad of her girl. As per court reports, “She expressed that for around a half year to a year, she had been seeing a ‘figure” that was dull in variety and obviously not an individual.”

“Toward the beginning of today she said that she awakened at around 6.30 am with the child in the room. Since she was experiencing difficulty resting, she took the child out to a huge playpen in the family room where V1 was laying on the love seat.

She got back to bed to fall back sleeping,” expressed the record and added that the 21-year-elderly person “had an obfuscated memory of something that could have been a fantasy, or her creative mind, yet she thought V1 was hollering at their girl.”

“She recollects then being in the front room region and seeing this dim, terrifying figure on top of V1, going after him. She headed toward the lounge chair region and got some scissors laying there and started ‘attempting to kill’ the dim unpropitious figure going after V1.

It was only after V1 was shouting at her and retaliating that she understood the figure was not there and she was, truth be told, harming V1. She expresses that when she understood what was going on she put down the scissors and attempted to deliver emergency treatment to V1,” according to the record, detailed Regulation and Wrongdoing.

Ex asserted Lund was harmful Lund’s ex portrayed their relationship as a contentious one and guaranteed she kept “hitting him on a few events,” and said she was harmful. The couple used to contend everyday and he “closes the contention down since he would rather not be engaged with her any longer,” the man guaranteed.

A little while before the occurrence, the pair cut off their three-extended friendship. Following their split, the man let her take the room while he started resting on the love seat in the lounge. He expressed that he didn’t have the foggiest idea why he was wounded,” particularly before his little girl,” and asserted there were no issues between them before the cutting, as per Regulation and Wrongdoing.