MP Minister demands survey on madrasas


Bhopal, Sep 22 (IANS) The priest of Social and Strict Trusts in the BJP-drove Madhya Pradesh government, Usha Thakur has requested a review of madrasas working across the state. The pastor has composed a letter to the school instruction office for this reason, referencing that unregistered madrasas ought to be shut.

The improvement comes after Uttar Pradesh has requested an examination on Waqf Board’s properties. “I have kept in touch with the school training division and have suggested a review of all madrasas working across Madhya Pradesh,” Thakur said.

In any case, before Thakur composed a letter to the school training division for the study, the equivalent had been suggested by the Public Commission for Minorities (MCM). During a visit to Bhopal in May this year, MCM part Syed Shahzadi had prescribed a review of madrasas to learn on the off chance that they have legitimate foundations and offices.

As per the Madhya Pradesh government’s record, there are around 2,650 enrolled madrasas in the state and every one of them gets a yearly award of Rs 25,000 from the state government.

The authority sources said the enrollment of new madrasas in Madhya Pradesh has been halted starting around 2019. Enrollment of madrasas is reestablished like clockwork, which is being done exclusively for the enlisted ones.

However there is no authority information on the quantity of unregistered madrasas in Madhya Pradesh, the authorities accept that there might associate with 500-550 madrasas working illicitly. Madhya Pradesh Kid Freedoms Security Board has guaranteed that it has tracked down no less than four unregistered madrasas in Bhopal.