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Liam Goodenough, likewise prevalently known as Mr. DT of AFTV, is a webcast host and Youtuber. He possesses a YouTube channel, which has more than 259,000 devotees and 61 million perspectives, and his non-association football crew, DT FC.

He was formerly going through his days in jail subsequent to getting captured for attacking his previous accomplice. He had been out structure prison for a month, and the court has expanded his sentence to January 13.

What Was Liam Goodenough Arrested For? Liam Goodenough was captured for brutality on his ex-accomplice. He followed his ex while she was out on the town.

He sent messages to the casualty’s brother out of desire and taken steps to end it all, and requested to know her area. He went to the inn utilizing a GPS beacon on her telephone where she was remaining.

As per Gov.Uk, he verbally hassled her, beat her, and afterward kept on imagining her in a condition of strip down. At long last, he constrained the casualty out from her lodging to his vehicle, inferring that he had a blade and that her child was inside.

She endeavored to escape when she understood her child was not in the vehicle. Fortunately, an observer interceded, helping her leave the vehicle while Mr.DT got away.

Subsequently, he was accused of following with the expectation to cause considerable dread or pain and snatching. He was kept in jail in the wake of getting captured.

He was condemned to a year in prison at Aylesbury Crown Court on November 5, 2021. The court additionally gave a ten-year controlling request against him.

DT AFTV Real Name Is Liam Goodenough The genuine name of DT AFTV is Liam Goodenough. He is a vocal pundit of Wenger, who is infamous for his irritated explosions each time Arsenal loses and has been liable for quite a long time “Out” pennants being displayed at Arsenal games.

A considerable lot of his fans and devotees were stunned to discover that he had carried out such a wrongdoing. After the fresh insight about his jail sentence opened up to the world, he lost numerous adherents via online media and backing from the fans.

Liam Goodenough Is A Wife Beater-Update On Domestic Violence Case Liam Goodenough is presently marked as an undershirt. He refreshes about his most recent rebound in December, guaranteeing he was back home on his Instagram.

Be that as it may, following the first condemning, the Solicitor General pursued Goodenough’s sentence under the Unduly Lenient Sentence (ULS) plan to the Court of Appeal.

On January 13, the Court of Appeal concluded that his past sentence was too gentle and raised it to three years in prison.