Multiple people feared dead after two Black Hawks collide mid-air during training in Kentucky


TRIGG Province, KENTUCKY: In a terrible episode that occurred in Kentucky, two US Armed force Dark Bird of prey helicopters impacted, which prompted the passing of nine individuals during a standard preparation practice according to unsubstantiated reports. The helicopter impact happened at the Kentucky-Tennessee line 60 miles northwest of Nashville.

The two helicopters are the 101st Airborne Regiment and the 160th Unique Activities Flying Regiment. Lead representative Andy Beshear tweeted, “We have some extreme news out of Stronghold Campbell, with early reports of a helicopter crash and fatalities are normal. @kystatepolice @KentuckyEM and neighborhood authorities are answering. We will share more data as accessible. If it’s not too much trouble, petition God for every one of those impacted.”

What occurred at the Kentucky-Tennessee line? In a facebook post by US Armed force Stronghold Campbell stated, “At roughly 10 p.m yesterday two 101st Airborne Division (Air Attack) helicopters crashed in Trigg Province, Kentucky.

The crewmembers were flying two HH60 Blackhawk helicopters during a normal preparation mission when the occurrence happened. The situation with the group individuals are obscure as of now. The order is at present centered around focusing on the servicemembers and their families. More data will be delivered as it opens up. The episode is being scrutinized.”

A neighborhood man told, “Two helicopters came over lovely low, and out of nowhere – when they moved past the house – something popped, an uproarious bang. Furthermore, everything shut down all of a sudden.So we hopped in the truck and moved past here, and that is the very thing that we found – two helicopters.” James Hughes, the prison guard for Trigg Province, guaranteed that he lives about a half pretty far and heard what he accepted to be an impact.

What are the 101st Airborne Regiment and the 160th Exceptional Tasks Avionics Regiment? As per US Armed force, “The 101st Airborne Division (Air Attack) is the main air attack division of the US Armed force. Nicknamed the “Shouting Hawks,” the 101st has reliably separated itself by showing the best expectations of military impressive skill since its initiation at one moment after 12 PM, Aug. 16, 1942.

On Aug. 19 of that year, the main commandant, Maj Gen William C Lee guaranteed his newcomers that albeit the new division had no set of experiences, it would before long have a “rendezvous with predetermination.”

As a division, the 101st has never bombed that prediction.” Further, it added, “The 101st is perceived for its unrivaled Air Attack ability, its capacity to execute any battle or possibility mission anyplace on the planet, and is as yet demonstrating its determination as “the upcoming division in the present Armed force.”

In the mean time, the 160th Exceptional Tasks Flying Regiment is depicted as the essential turning wing backing to the Branch of Protection Extraordinary Activities Powers.

Past US Armed force Dark Falcon helicopter crashes A comparable occurrence has occurred on February 15, 2023, where two kicked the bucket after a Dark Bird of prey helicopter, which had a place with the Tennessee Public Watchman and was on a normal preparation mission, crashed onto an Alabama interstate on Wednesday evening, February 15.

The accident happened at around 3 pm neighborhood time on Thruway 53 close to the crossing point of Burrell Street in Madison District, close to the Alabama-Tennessee line, as recently announced by MEAWW.

‘These warriors are our watchmen in the skies’ The Web immediately responded to the occurrence. A client said on Facebook, ” Supplicating that all are protected and just experience minor wounds. These troopers are our watchmen in the skies.

They practice and watch and hazard for Americans and enthusiastically go anyplace they are required. Legends in helicopters.” One more added, “Petitioning God for our administration their relatives. Additionally Petitioning God for their units and fight pals.”

“Appealing to God for everybody particularly the families trusting is just minor wounds,” asserted another. “Sending up bunches of petitions!!! My heart harms for the loved ones experiences that are always different,” added another. “Petitioning God for the family and the entire circumstance,” said a client.