Murder Comes to Town on ID: How did Megan Sharpton die?


The consuming body of a 24-year-old nursing understudy, Megan Sharpton, was tracked down in the early morning long stretches of July 2, 2012, on a country street in Tullahoma, Tennessee. Sharpton had dropped supper plans with her family and was set out toward a somewhat late prospective employee meeting the past night. Hours after the fact, her consumed body was found. An examination uncovered that she was ra*ped and afterward shot in the face prior to being set ablaze.

Utilizing critical proof, including GPS following, a key observer, and a DNA test, examiners had the option to interface a man named Donnie Jones Jr to the wrongdoing. Donnie was the spouse of one of Sharpton’s colleagues and previous schoolmates. It was claimed that he tricked the casualty for the sake of a new employee screening, r*ped, and killed her prior to burning down her reproductive organs utilizing an enhancement.

An impending episode of Homicide Comes to Town accounts Megan Sharpton’s case on Friday, April 14, 2023. The episode named Noting the Call circulated on ID at 7 pm ET. “After a wildfire is accounted for in provincial Winchester, Tenn., people on call are shocked to find the collection of youthful Megan Sharp at the focal point of the blaze.”Nursing understudy Megan Sharpton was tricked to the crime location for the sake of a new employee screening

Megan Sharpton, 24, an inhabitant of Tullahoma, Tennessee, was two or three months short of procuring her higher education. While she should eat with her family, she dropped those intends to show up briefly prospective employee meeting the night prior to her body was found. She had a hit or miss sweetheart named Chris, who worked at a nearby retail chain.

Reports express that at some point around 1:30 in the early morning long stretches of July 2, 2012, a driver saw a blasting bushfire on the side of the road in rustic Tullahoma. The driver revealed it to the nearby local group of fire-fighters. After they put out the fire, specialists on call found that it was a lady’s body, which was ablaze. The body was recognized as the 24-year-old, who was totally bare midsection down. The scene was portrayed as “something you’d see off a film.”

Specialists announced that it appeared as though Megan’s reproductive organs were set ablaze and that she was wearing her nursing school uniform. They likewise saw and understood that they felt a portion of the wrecked bones in her skull. The bones were broken because of obtuse power injury to the head. A resulting post-mortem affirmed that she was r*ped and died of a lethal shot injury to the face.

Utilizing advanced and DNA verification, among other proof, examiners tied the spouse of Megan Sharpton’s previous cohort’s better half to her homicide

The underlying examination brought about a couple of bombed leads, including Megan Sharpton’s beau Chris, who gave a strong explanation. He informed the police that Sharpton got a call about a nursing bid for employment from a previous cohort, Naomi Jones. Specialists were then ready to follow the casualty’s vehicle, which was deserted 15 to 20 miles from the crime location where her body was found.

The likely lead for Naomi Jones hit a stopping point after she uncovered that they were just previous schoolmates and colleagues. Jones additionally guaranteed that she never reached Sharpton about any bids for employment. Following telephone records, specialists followed the path of a burner telephone which drove them to the store where it was bought by a street pharmacist named Timothy Gifford.

Gifford admitted to having purchased the telephone for Jones’ better half Donnie Jones Jr., who denied every one of the cases. Nonetheless, Donnie later conceded that he had consensual s*x with Sharpton after his DNA was tracked down on her body.

Specialists utilized GPS to follow his whereabouts, which put him at the location of the crime. They accepted he tricked her to the scene where he r*ped and killed her prior to consuming the body.

Donnie Jones Jr. was captured and accused of irritated abducting, first-degree murder, and two counts of exasperated r*pe. He was subsequently sentenced for the homicide accusation and was condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole.